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Session 2 of the Seminar Blind Deaf and Amazing - on living with and training deaf, blind and deaf blind dogs.  

Session lead: Simone Paulyn, Germany


Session is about 1.5 hours long You'll receive the link to recording of the full session including presentation, videos, discussion, questions and answers. You'll be able to watch and refer back to the session as many times as you'd like.


Session 2 covers:

1.Noticing new deafness in a dog- first signs and our journey with Omari;

2. Communicating with a deaf dog;

3. Clicker training for a deaf dog;

4. Common challenges with training a deaf dog and how to overcome them;

5. Motivation and rewarding your dog

6. Tips and tricks

7. Recall

8. Targets

9. Fitness and fun

Session 2 is a mixture of presentation, videos and a follow up discussion with Q&A

This session has a very wide appeal and will be particularly useful to anyone who has an interest in training a deaf dog or in teaching any dog tricks.

Session 2: Training a deaf dog