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Talent Show Dog Titles

Dog Talent Association provides online Talent Show Dog Titles.

You can work for them at home and when ready simply submit your video for assessment.

Talent Show Dog titles are designed for those dogs and their owners who would like to show their dog tricks to an audience. The audience could be a real-life audience or a virtual. It could be your friends, family, mates, virtual followers or anybody else who appreciated dogs and some cool tricks.

By working through the titles you’ll develop your performance style and build up the show routines that you can use. In the future, you might be even tempted to take part in some real Dog Talent Shows or perform with your dog for some income or fame.


The Talent Show Dog titles are building upon the over 350 tricks we have in the Trick Dog titles. In addition to those tricks, we very much encourage you to come up with your own tricks and include them as well. We love seeing your tricks as they tend to be creative, fun and really show off your dog. 

To start working on the Talent Show Dog Titles you need to do the Foundation Trick Dog Title first or send us the evidence that you already achieved your KC Bronze award or AKC CGC or equivalent in your country. This is to help all dogs and their owners to have a solid foundation in place and establish an effective partnership that you’ll need for your success.

The Talent Show dog titles include 4 progressive titles:

Remember, that before you start working on the Novice Talent Show Dog title you need to pass the Foundation Trick Dog Title or provide the evidence that you already achieved AKC  CGC or KC  Bronze, or equivalent. After passing the Foundation Trick Dog title you’ll be able to decide if you would like to work on the Trick Dog titles or Talent Show Dog titles, or perhaps even both.


For more information on Trick Dog tiles please click here. 


If you are struggling to decide which of the routes best suit you and your dog, try our Quiz.


After successful submission, you’ll receive a certificate and rosette for each of your titles.

For printer-friendly Progression through the Structured Titles guide please see here:

Talent Show dog Titles rosettes
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