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Discovering, learning new things and improving is a life-long journey for every serious dog owner and of course every trainer. 

We want you to become the best team you can with your dog! 

To achieve your dreams while enjoying every moment together.

To build the bond, connection and understanding with your dog.

You have several options of training and professional development with Dog Talent Association: 

Deaf, Blind and Amazing!
International Seminar on living with and training blind, dead and blind deaf dogs


This is BIG, this is the only one of the kind! 

International Seminar on Living with and Training Deaf, Blind and Deaf blind dogs.

The online Seminar includes 7 Sessions with some of the world's top experts on training Deaf, Blind and Deaf blind dogs- and you can join all of them from the comfort of your home..

Each session is practical, based on insight and years of experience, includes many case scenarios, real dogs, lots of videos and Q&A

The seminar is of a great interest to:

- Owners or fosters of deaf, blind, and deaf blind dogs;

- Charities who re-home deaf, blind and deaf blind dogs;

- Professional dog trainers;

- Trick trainers;

- Those who would like to compete with their deaf, blind or deaf blind dogs;

- Those who are considering adopting deaf, blind, or deaf blind dog;

- Anyone who's dog is starting to lose hearing or vision and who would like to help your dog to continue living it's best life!

The whole seminar includes over 14 hours of learning, covering all the main aspects of looking after, living with, training and competing with deaf and blind dogs, including practical solutions to all of the common challenges.

A proportion of the income from this Seminar will be donated to support charities working with deaf and blind dogs.

We believe that deaf and blind dogs can do anything and we will show how! 

Training with Olga Jones, Director of the DTA

Olga has many years of dog training experience, specialising in training Trick dog and parkour.

Her sessions are focused, fun and very productive and she will help you to truly develop your dog's talent. You can watch Olga working with her two dogs Bonnie and Simba on Instagram as @SpanielBonnie

1:1 Training

These Zoom (or in person) sessions are popular with those who are looking for help with a particular trick (or ticks) or would like some focused personal coaching or troubleshooting, working specifically with your dog.

Those who are new to trick training find these sessions helpful as they will give you tailored step by step approach to training your dog and your next goals.


These sessions are 1 hour long and we can do them in person (if you live in South of England). With the majority of people Olga works remotely on Zoom. 

These sessions cost £30 an hour (or equivalent in your currency).

To discuss your training needs and to book them directly with Olga by send us

e-mail to:

Intensive 1:1 coaching

 If you are looking for more intensive training programme with your dog, perhaps working to a deadline, preparing for a title submission, a competition or would like to progress fast, then consider booking a month of Intensive 1:1 coaching with Olga. We will always agree our objectives at the beginning and the best way of working together for the maximum impact. The coaching is a mixture of 1:1 sessions and daily catch up which can be a virtual catch up, feedback to your video or a live call/demonstration. With daily reviews of your progress and practical feedback you'll be able to progress a speed. The coaching is very structured and effective way to achieve fast progress with your dog to your specific objectives. 


The coaching period is for the period of one month and costs £180 per month (or equivalent in your currency).

To discuss your training needs and to book them directly with Olga by send us e-mail to:

OLGA & BONNIE - 33999-M-D2-DYR65882_edited.jpg

Masterclasses with Omar von Muller

Image 10-07-2020 at 21.17.jpg

Get inspired by Omar and his amazing dogs:



Instagram: @omarvonmuller


Omar is one of the World's most respected and successful dog trainers from Hollywood. 

He is renowned for his incredible and innovative dog performances and his dog training skills are legendary in the motion picture and television industries.

Omar has hundreds of credits to his name including the motion pictures The Italian Job, Four Brothers, Jackass 3D, and Water for Elephants. 

His greatest accomplishment is the role Uggie played on the Academy Award-winning film The Artist, receiving several awards worldwide. Omar's dog Uggie was the first dog to have his paw prints set into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Omar has worked hand-in-hand with most of the studio animal companies in the USA. Many of Omar's dog actors, including talented Uggie are rescue dogs, previously abandoned by their owners.


Omar has developed his own incredibly effective approach to dog training that can be applied to train top performing dogs in a wide variety of dog sports and activities. That includes dog actors, performing trick dogs, dancing with dogs, heelwork to music, obedience, therapy dogs etc. The same techniques can also be used by those who are serious about their pet dog training and truly want to find and develop their dog's talent. 


Together with Omar we recorded a number of great training Masterclasses covering a wide range of topics from training puppies, motivating your dog to advanced tricks such as skateboarding and scooting,  jumping tricks, paw tricks and lots more.

We also have a unique Masterclass on Training your dog for Studio Work. This is the best insight into studio work you'll be able to find. 

All of the Masterclasses have step by step approach with lots of live demonstrations, tips on how to overcome common challenges and questions and answers. 

Masterclasses with Emily Anderson


Emily and Leo are one of the most talented Trick Dog teams in the world. They regularly appear on TV, live Trick shows and displays, newspapers across the world and variety of "the most talented dog" programmes and shows. They also continuously innovate and came up with totally new and creative ideas for tricks, particularly using props. 


Emily has been training dogs for 20 years and enjoy agility, flyball, scentwork and hoopers. Her biggest passion is trick training. She particularly enjoys working with anxious dogs and their owners and gets a lot of pleasure from watching their confidence grow! 

Following them winning the International Trick Dog Competition 2021, we partnered with Emily to bring you some of their best tricks in the form of training Masterclasses. 

If you are new to trick dog training we have one of the best Introduction to Trick Training which will take you through all the key steps to ensure your success. All of the Masterclasses with Emily Anderson are very structured and practical. They cover a very broad range of tricks with step by step video demonstrations by several dogs, tips for overcoming common difficulties, questions and answers. 

Lots of great tricks to learn- from table tennis, to painting, stacking rings, putting coins into a piggy bank, reliable hold and fetch of any object, playing piano etc.

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