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Trick Dog Titles overview

Dog Talent Association provides online Trick Dog Titles while giving you full flexibility and plenty of choices.

We have over 530 tricks to choose from- this is the largest selection of dog tricks available anywhere.

Our tricks are organised in the logical progressive order.

This way your dog builds on the tricks and skills learned at the earlier levels to progress fast and to achieve the best results.


We will help you to choose your own tailored trick training path for your dog depending on your dog's talent, your preferences and what you would like to achieve together. 

You can be from any country in the world. Currently we have teams from over 40 different countries working on Dog Talent Association Titles. 

We welcome dogs with any disabilities, including deaf, blind, deafblind etc. and are always keen to work with you to adjust any title descriptions to accommodate specific disabilities of your dog.

How do I start?

You start with the Foundation Trick Dog Title unless you have already received KC Bronze award or AKC CGC or a Champion Trick Dog Title from another title provider.. 

On successful submission, you’ll receive the title, rosette and certificate- posted at no extra charge to any country in the world.

After every single submission you also will receive a detailed feedback with some helpful ideas and training suggestions. 

You don't need any special equipment and can work on the Foundation Trick Dog Title with your dog even without leaving your home.  

It is suitable for all dogs- puppies, old, disabled dogs, rescue dogs and a great foundation for any dog training.

If you have already achieved your KC Bronze or AKC CGC then you can skip the Foundation Trick Dog title if you wish and progress straight to the Novice Title.

Then choose one the Novice Titles to work on

You have a choice of 5 Novice Titles depending on your dog's personality and your own preferences.

You can either choose to continue working on Trick Dog Titles towards the Champion Trick Dog title


work on Novice Talent Show Dog Title if you would like to perform with your dog (in real life or virtually) or take part in Dog Talent shows.

Choose among one of the following Novice Trick Dog Titles:

- Novice Helper Trick Dog Title 

 For teaching your dog useful skills that it can then use to genuinely help you at home. This is also great for those who would like their dogs to learn skills that they could use to volunteer and to help other people.

- Novice Performer Trick Dog Title

For teaching your dog the most crowd-pleasing impressive-looking tricks. The type of tricks that you can show off to your friends, family and use for various performances. Many of those tricks will be useful for other dog competitions, such as Heelwork to Music etc.

- Novice Thinker Trick Dog Title

Perfect for dogs who have got a great thinking head, or where you would like to develop further your dog’s thinking abilities.

-Novice Athlete Trick Dog Title

For dogs who like to be active and where you’d like your dog to become a great partner in a sport or a companion in physical activities that you can do together. You can build all of those skills for other dog sports such as agility, flyball etc.

Each of those Novice titles is your first step on a Talent Track. Each Talent Track helps you to focus your dog's training depending on your dog's personality and your own preferences. 

For more information about the Talent Tracks please click here.

If you are not sure which of the Talent Tracks is best to start with, then you can try our Quiz, which will help you to decide.

Novice Trick dog title rosette

Follow your selected Talent Track to the Advanced Trick Dog Title

After the first Novice Title, you can follow your selected Talent track and progress to the Advanced Trick Dog Title.

So, for example, if you obtained the Novice Helper Trick Dog Title, you can progress to Advanced Helper Trick Dog Title.

The same applies to all other Talent Tracks.

Alternatively, you might want to have a go at another Talent Track to broaden your dog's skills and to develop another side of your dog's talent. 

On successful completion of any 4 Titles on the same level (eg 4 Novice Titles or 4 Advanced Titles), you'll receive in addition the Novice All-rounder Trick Dog Title or Advanced All-rounder Trick Dog Title - in recognition of your achievement.

and then to the Expert Trick Dog Title

You are eligible to apply for the Champion Trick Dog title once you have

either 1 Expert Trick Dog title (in any of the Talent tracks)


2 Advanced Trick dog titles (in any of the Talent tracks). 

Champion Trick Dog Title
Advanced Trick Dog Title

On successful completion of each title, you’ll receive a certificate and a rosette to mark your achievement.

You can receive more than one Champion title if you complete more than one Talent tracks.

You can also work in parallel on both the Talent Show Dog titles and Trick Dog titles.



For a printer-friendly Title structure please see here:  

For printer-friendly Tiles progression guide please see here: 

Trick dog titles structure
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