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Foundation Trick Dog Title
Image by Krisztian Tabori

We believe that all dogs have a talent and the potential to be great. 

All buildings need to have a solid foundation to be robust, safe and to stand the test of time. The same applies to dog training. All training should rely on some solid foundation. 


The Foundation title will help you to put in place that basis for your future success. It includes some core commands and development of a positive partnership between you and your dog.

Foundation Trick Dog Title requirements:

Part 1: Perform any 10 tricks or behaviours from the Foundation level list (see below)

Choose any 10 tricks or behaviours from the foundation list below and record short separate video clips of you and your dog performing each of them.


Part 2: Creativity

1. A sequence of any two tricks

Demonstrate that your dog can perform a sequence of 2 of the Foundation tricks above by doing them one after the other in a flowing sequence. For example, you can ask your dog to perform “sit” following by “stand” command. Or “sit” and then “give paw” etc. Any combination of the tricks is good.

Alternatively, you can ask your dog to perform a trick in the middle of doing another behaviour. For example, “sit” in the middle of “on-leash walking” etc. 

Record it as a short video clip.


2. One trick of your choice

Demonstrate with your dog any other trick of your choice. If it is on the Foundation trick list, try to perform it in a different environment, or in a different way. Use your creativity. You can demonstrate your dog’s favourite trick or any of the tricks listed for other titles.

Record it as a short video clip.

Please do not use lures or toys to entice your dog to perform and aim to give each command just once. 

If you have a disabled dog requiring some adjustments, please message us,

and we will always find a suitable alternative.

We welcome all disabled dogs and all our titles are open to all dogs including deaf, blind and deaf blind.

For the full list of general rules and requirements please click here.



  • Foundation title list of requirements (printer-friendly version)

This is the full list of Foundation tricks and behaviours

For assessment rules and requirements please see here


  • Foundation title working checklist (printer-friendly) 

It is a helpful summary which you can print and make your own notes as you work towards the title.

How to submit for the title:

Cost: Video submission for the Foundation title costs £30. All successful submissions will receive a Certificate and a rosette. 

All submissions will receive detailed feedback via e-mail and suggestions on how you can improve.

If your submission was unsuccessful, when ready you can re-submit for the same title for an additional £10 for each submission attempt. 

Payments are made securely via this site. You can pay either by card or PayPal.


Video submission options: 

  • Option 1 (preferred): Please edit all video clips together for both part 1 and 2 as one video. Upload that video onto YouTube or similar and submit the link to your video in the Submission Form. 

  • Option 2: If you are struggling to put the videoclips together as one video, then please complete the Submission form and separately send us an e-mail with the links to the individual video clips.

  • Option 3: You can also post the video on CD or e-mail us the video if it is not too large. 

Once you are ready, please fill in the Submission Form and on completion, it will take you to the payment page where you can choose your payment options.

All submissions will receive detailed feedback and personalised training ideas and suggestions.

All successful submissions will receive a certificate and rosette which is included in the cost of the title.

They will be posted to any contry in the world at no extra charge.

For the overview of other titles and progression between them, please check Titles overview

To consider choosing and following a Talent track please check Talent Tracks explained



For printer-friendly progression through the titles guide please see here:

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