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Other Titles

Dog training is fun!

The more things you do with your dog, the more fun you both are going to have!


In addition to the Trick Titles we think you'll love our other Titling Programmes:

Structured Titles:

1. Talent Show Titles

The Talent Show Dog Tiles are specifically designed to prepare you and your dog for performances to public, such as Trick Dog Shows, Stunt Dog displays and competitions and even informal trick shows to your friends,  the family and for social media.

Through Talent Show Dog Titles you'll learn how to put an interesting public performance with your dog using the tricks that your dog knows. These titles will teach you how to link tricks together, to include interesting props and make your performance fun to watch and engaging.

Challenge Titles:

Are you up for a challenge?

Challenge Titles are fun challenges for you to do together with your dog! 

They are perfect if you would like to do something different with your dog and are looking for fun ideas and tricks.

Like with any other DTA titles each of the Challenge Titles is always planned with training benefits in mind in addition to them just being fun!

Challenge Titles are £30 (about $35) each 

On completion of each Challenge Title you'll receive:

1. Certificate

2. Premium handmade rosette and

3. Written feedback with some further training ideas and suggestions 

Worldwide postage is included

Why you'll love Challenge Titles:

  • Lots of great ideas to choose from

  • Will spice up your training 

  • You'll never struggle for ideas

  • Flexible and fun

  • You set the goals to fit the training needs

  • Endless opportunities for creativity

  • Enrichment and stronger bond

  • We will help you to celebrate your achievements with a stunning rosette and certificate

  • We help you to learn by providing specific feedback and further ideas

1. Picasso Challenge Title


Create 5 different artwork pieces with your dog

We'll give you some great ideas and inspirations

You'll create some very special keepsakes and memories

You'll have fun and learn

2. Mozart Challenge Title


Create 5 different musical compositions with your dog

If your dog can't play a musical instrument- don't worry!

We'll give you lots of ideas and inspirations.

You can involve more than one dog, kids and lots of household objets to create the compositions. It's a lot of fun for the whole family and a great scope for creativity and some fabulous tricks. 


3. Distractions Challenge Title


Show that your dog can ignore 5 significant distractions

This Challenge is fun, but also will help your dog to overcome its fears.

It will teach your dog to trust you in any environment and to control the impulses that can put it in danger.  

Great way to help your dog to be more confident and relaxed and to strengthen your bond!

4. 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Title

Perform fun trick tasks with your dog- one for each day of Christmas

This challenge is a great opportunity to join festive fun together with your dog and to celebrate your achievements. Suitable for dog of any age.

5. Valentine Challenge Title

A fun trick challenge that builds your bond

This challenge is an opportunity for you to try some different style of tricks with your dog and enjoy your time together. Suitable for dog of any age.

6. Royal Challenge Title

Coronation special

Looking for Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses who would like to attempt the Coronation special challenge and if successful receive the 

Royal Challenge Title!

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