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Talent Tracks explained

Every dog has a different talent, it's own personality and likes. 

One dog might enjoy food puzzles, sniffing games and other stuff requiring lots of thinking and figuring it out. Another dog might not even have the patience for all the puzzles and stuff and would rather be learning jumping and tricks with hoops and ball. 

People also want to achieve different things with their dogs. 

For example, one person wants to be able to do more active things together, such as sports, running, football, flyball etc. While the other owner would rather prefer if their dog could learn some useful tricks to be able to help them and their family in some meaningful way. 

We designed Talent tracks for you and your dog - so you can focus on the areas you both enjoy most.


Each Talent track is also developed with the training perspective in mind. So, the Advanced level skills are logically and progressively built on the skills acquired at the Novice level etc.

We have 5 Talent tracks for you to choose from:

Thinker Dog Talent track — is for dogs who have got a great thinking head, or where you would like to develop further your dog’s thinking abilities. 

For more information about the Thinker Dog Talent track please click here

Helper Dog Talent track — is for learning useful skills that your dog can then use to genuinely help you at home. It is also great for those who would like their dogs to learn skills that they could use to volunteer and to help other people.

For more information about the Helper Dog Talent track please click here

Performer Dog Talent track — is for teaching your dog the most crowd-pleasing impressive-looking tricks. The type of tricks that you can show off to your friends, family and use for various performances. Many of those tricks will be useful for other dog competitions, such as Heelwork to Music etc.

For more information about the Performer Dog Talent track please click here

Athlete Dog Talent track — is for dogs who like to be active and where you’d like your dog to become a great partner in a sport or a companion in physical activities that you can do together. You can build all of those skills for other dog sports such as agility, flyball etc. 

For more information about the Athlete Dog Talent track please click here

Talent Show Dog — is for those dogs and handlers who would like to perform in front of an audience as a part of competitions, Dog Talent displays or just for fun.

For more information about the Talent Show Dog titles please click here

Like with anything else we do, you have the full flexibility and can mix and match to get the perfect combination of fun, skills and challenge  for you and your dog,

If you'd like a bit of help with choosing the right track for you and your dog, try our Quiz


Once you decided on your Talent track, check the Titles overview to choose how you would like to progress between them, and what would you like to set as your ultimate goal.


Please note that Talent Tracks in trick training is a "know how" developed by the Dog Talent Association team based on our research and International experience of using specific tricks to develop dog's abilities.

It is our intellectual property and is protected by international copyright law. No part of this structure or trick groupings into those categories can be used by any other Titling Company without explicit written permission from the Dog Talent Association. 

Trick Dog Title
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