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Distractions Challenge Title

The task for this Challenge is:

To show that your dog can ignore 5 significant distractions 


Challenge rules:

1. Choose 5 DIFFERENT distractions that currently challenge your dog or that you would like to try to do together for fun (for ideas please see Creative ideas section below). Your ultimate goal is demonstrate that your dog is able to ignore those distractions, keep the focus on you and responds to your cues. 

2. Choose your own 5 distractions and the distraction level/difficulty depending on your dog and your training goals. We would like you to try to set them at achievable level and perhaps include a mix- a couple of easier distractions, a couple more challenging types and a currently difficult one

3. If your dog is good with distractions, choose 5 ideas to try as an extra fun challenge or a training stretch

4. This Challenge is not about exposing your dog to the various tricky scenarios for fun. 

It's about preparing your dog to feel relaxed and focused on you in common challenging everyday situations in a structured and safe way. It's about helping your dog to learn to trust you in any environment and control impulses that can put it in danger. 

5. Take your time, listen to your dog, keep it safe and keep it fun! 

Like with all other DTA titles we will provide you written feedback and training suggestions on the basis of your video.

Submitting for the Distractions Challenge Title:

1. Please submit a short clip for each of the 5 distractions  edited together as one video. If possible comment on your dog's starting level and your end goal for each of the distractions. Aim to have the overall video under 5 minutes if possible.

2. Complete the Submission form and it will take you to the payment page. We accept secure payments by card of PayPal  

Your next steps:

Choose 5 distractions/challenges and have fun!

You can do this challenge on your own (we would be grateful if you tag us #DogTalentAssociation on your social media) 

or as a part of the Distractions Challenge Title with us.

If you choose to do it as a title, you'll receive:

-  A written professional feedback from us on your title application video with some further ideas and training suggestions for your dog;

- Certificate

- Premium handmade designer rosette- to remember and to celebrate your achievement! 


Make sure your dog is supervised and is safe at all times 

Set your own realistic goals, always with safety in mind

Progress slowly and always listen to your dog. Don't rush to go to the next step before your dog is ready.

Break up training of each of the distractions into manageable progressive steps.

You are fully responsible and liable for the safety of you and your dog and it's effect on people/animals around you at all times.

Keep it fun for you both!


Some creative ideas for you:

Can your dog ignore the following distractions and still listen to your cues?:

- Unfamiliar quiet environment

Can your dog perform the same tricks and listens to you in an unfamiliar quiet environment? Will it maintain stay in a quiet corner of your friend's house? 

- Great outdoors with all of the tempting smells and sounds

Does your dog keeps it's focus on you and responds to your recall or commands? You could do it as a sit/stay and recall challenge or something more advanced. If your dog does not has a strong recall always do it on a long leash.

- Noisy/busy environment

- Animals 

Think about all animals your dog might find distracting (the potential list is long): cats, squirrels, horses, sheep, rabbits, ducks etc. The challenge goal could be anything from dog walking pass on a loose leash, recall, switching the focus onto you, to doing tricks/working with you whole ignoring the other animals. The key aspect of this challenge, even for working dogs that regularly work with animals, that they should be able to ignore them, resist temptations and obey to your commands at all times. 

Important: Always keep your dog on the lead or under full control/behind the fence around other animals for safety, unless your dog is specifically trained to work with those animals. 

- Food

Can your dog resist eating food before the release cue? This could be anything waiting for release to eat food in the bowl, to food around dog on on dog's paws or even tricks while holding food in the mouth, depending on where you are with your dog's training.

Can your dog perform tricks or work with you ignoring food on the floor or around and maintain it's focus on you? 

- Toys

Can your dog drop/give up toy on your command?

Resist taking/chasing/catching toys until you released it?

Can you dog work with you maintaining focus, while ignoring toys on the floor or around the dog?

Able to work with you ignoring toy held in your hand until you released the dog or gave the toy as the reward?

Ignore someone playing with squeaky toys and maintain focus on you?

- Other dogs

Can your dog ignore and maintain focus on you with other familiar and calm dogs present in the same place? 

Work with you outside with other dogs present at a distance?

Ignore  and maintain focus on you/perform tricks/stay or any other cued behaviours with other playing in the line of sight and running dogs in close proximity?

- Ignore boisterous or vocal dogs and continue working with you. 

Important: Keep your dog under control at all times for safety of your and other dogs who might be unpredictable. 

- Moving objets

Can your dog maintain focus on you, able to pass in relaxed way on leash or able to ignore and work with you variety of moving objects?

Cars? Bikes? Scooters? Running people? Trains? 

Flying balloons? Airplanes? Drones? 

- Noises, lights and sounds

Can your dog stay calm and ignore fireworks? Loud music? Flashing lights? Loud household noises? TV cameras? Studio lights? 

Noises of other people, dogs or animals?

- People

Can your dog ignore and maintain focus on you with other familiar or unfamiliar people present around them? 

What about when people are making noises, playing, running, calling or behaving in unusual way?

Children and adults? 

Busy street with lots of passers by and an occasional runner and cyclist?

Shopping centres? 

Dog food shops with people, dogs, food and other distractions around?

Dog's actions

You can ask your dog any actions to demonstrate it's focus on you- from turning away from the distraction and looking at you, heelwork (competitive or relaxed), relaxed loose leash walking, recall, stay, performing tricks independently or together with you etc. 

These are just some of the ideas to inspire you. You know your dog and what challenges it best and your training goals. 

Now it's time for you to choose 5 distractions challenges for your dog, work together and have lots of fun!

Make sure you share your dog's progress and achievements and tag us in your social media #DogTalentAssociation


Looking forward to seeing what amazing things you have achieved with your dog! 

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