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Next International Trick Dog Competition will be launched in October 2024
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International Trick Dog Competition online

Can your dog become the International Trick Dog Champion 2024?

Take part in this high-profile annual competition to really challenge yourself and your dog!

The overall winner will be crowned the 

International Trick Dog Champion

with lots of runner-up prizes, weekly prizes and loads of fun on the way too!


The competition will consist of 7 tasks of increasing difficulty.

You'll normally have 2-3 weeks to submit your entry for each of the tasks.

The winners for each of the tasks in each of the classes will be awarded individual certificates.

Everyone who entered will receive helpful individual feedback from the judges for each of their entries.

The competition is designed as a progressive training with a stretch.

We will help you to take your dog's training to the next level.

It will also be a great opportunity to celebrate your achievements along the way!

The competition attracts some of the top trick dog teams worldwide with amazing opportunities to learn, inspire and to make friends.

You can find out about the previous ITDC winners in the Hall of Fame =>


1) My dog is relatively new to tricks, but we would like to progress and learn. Is it worth entering?

 Yes absolutely! You will be competing with similar dogs in your class- so everyone will have an equal chance to win. The completion is designed as a progressive training with lots of individual feedback, encouragement and opportunities to learn.

2)  I live in...... can I still enter?

This is truly International Competition. Team from any country of the world is welcome to join. We are always proud to have wide international representation with competitors from USA, Canada, across many countries in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China etc. You don't need to speak English either to enter if someone could help you to translate the task, or there is always Google Translate, which works pretty well most of the time.


3) How can I get more points from the judges for my ITDC entry?

More experienced handlers can further increase the complexity and gain extra points by increasing the trick duration, perform to voice or hand commands only, adding the distance, working facing away from you, adding distractions and combining several tricks together, performing all tricks as a sequence, behaviour chain and by including more advanced tricks etc.

You can also see the detailed judging criteria which will be posted on the competition page when it launches. 

For full rules see Competition Rules and Submission guidance. 

Throughout the competition, we are working with you on creating a professional-looking trick dog performances that are engaging, fun to watch and can be used for public display. As you progress through the tasks also consider working towards DTA Trick Dog Titles (to develop the technical side of tricks and your dog's talent) and Talent Show Dog Titles (to further your team's skills to perform the tricks for an audience- virtual or real life) and Challenge Titles as a further fun stretch.

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