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Picasso Challenge Title

The task for this Challenge is:

To create 5 different pieces of artwork with your dog


Challenge rules:

1. Each of the 5 pieces of artwork needs to be made using different painting tools or materials or be made on a different surface (see some ideas below)

2. Dog needs to be drawing/painting/creating most of it with only minimal help from you


Submitting for the Picasso Challenge Title:

1. We need to see photos of the pieces of the artwork(one photo each).

Please send them by e-mail to after your submission for the Title.

2. One video of your dog creating at least one of the artwork pieces (you can include all 5 and yes you can edit the video). Please aim for the video to be under 5 minutes. Our feedback and training suggestions will be based on that video, so make sure we can see as much of your dog as possible and ideally you (at least partially).

3. Complete the Submission form and it will take you to the payment page. We accept secure payments by card of PayPal  

Like with all other DTA titles we will provide you written feedback and training suggestions on the basis of your video.


Make sure your dog is supervised at all times

Any tools, paints, equipment should be non-toxic and safe for dogs. 

Set up the area for artwork creation with safety in mind and you are fully responsible for safety of you and your dog. Keep it fun for you both!

If you would like to teach your dog to paint with brushes and paint have a look at the

Dog Music and Art Tricks Masterclass 

Some creative ideas for you:

Painting tools/equipment you could potentially use:

- Washable watercolour paints

Your dog can use brushes, paws, nose.

You dog can hold in it's mouth and dip in any other objects in paints (sticks, scrunched up paper, roller paint brushes, flowers, foam stamps for painting, washable toys, ball for some fun texture and shapes etc), and use them as brushes to make the paint marks.

- Washable marker pens

Those can be held in the mouth and make lines, dots and other shapes. You can use different width marker pens for more variety.

- Colourful fruits or nature objects (leaves, flowers)

They can be used on their own as decorative elements, use as nature brushes to dip into paints or you can dip them in paint and dog walks over with them resting on the painting surface to leave paint marks.

- Water pens

your dog can paint with water on a special water painting surface (book, mat etc). Your dog can use water paints, shake the water off themselves, paint with wet paws etc.

- Pencils

- Chalk pens or charcoal (on a tip of a stick)

- Paint pots with handles

Your dog can carry the washable paint in a pot or a little bucket with holes at the bottom leaving paint parks over the surface.

- Buckets with holes and sand (or coloured sand)

Your dog can hold a bucket with holes in the bottom filled with fine sand and move around a surface leaving the trail of sand.

- Painting in sand

This can be done with paws (digging, rolling and footprints are just fine) or objects held in the mouth.

- Paint pots or tubes

The dog can topple little pots with paints for a free flow paintings or step on paint tubes squeezing paints out.

- Balloon pumps, water gun or a syringe (no needle)

Your dog can paint by filling a squirty object with diluted paint or water and paint by squirting it out onto a surface. Dog could pull and push the plunger while you are holding the object in the right place. 

- Stilus 

Dog can hold a stylus or another object and paint digitally on a smart surface/Ipad or similar

- Stilus or a stick on a scratch paper

Surfaces your dog could potentially paint on:

- Canvas

- Paper (any paper- big, small, any colour, any type)

- Paths, patios, beaches, sand pits, walls

- Mats, books, magazines

- Kitchen rolls or toilet paper

- Flower pots or ceramic surfaces, tiles

- Your hands, legs or body for body painting artwork

- Tablet or another smart/touch surface for digital artwork

- Scratch paper

These are just some of the ideas to inspire you.

Now it's time for your creativity and for lots of fun!

Make sure you share your dog creations and creative process and tag us in your social media as you are having fun and experimenting #DogTalentAssociation


Can't wait to see your dog's pieces of artwork!


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