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Valentine Challenge Title

This challenge is like no other one.

It's both a challenge and an opportunity to strengthen your bond and have some a great time together.

All you need for this Challenge is:

Part 1. Valentine "photo session" 

5 Valentine themed poses as if for a photo session with or without props. It should be a sustained static pose performed on cue. It could be of the dog alone or the dog together with you. 

Part 2. Perform 14 different tricks together with you

Any tricks but all of those tricks need to involve you in some way. 

This could be anything from leg weaves to jumping over your arms, paws up on you, give you paws, kisses, heelwork etc. The key element is that in all of those tricks dog should interact directly with you. No other props should be used. Think of yourself as the main and the only prop if that helps. You can think of it as a dance or just series of tricks. Tricks can be recorded as a sequence or individually.

Submit for the Valentine Challenge Title:


1. Record a video of your dog for both the Part 1 and Part 2 tasks 

For Part 1 you can use the same or different props. The video in part one is of a static pose that your dog should sustain for at least 3 seconds or until you give the release cue. 

For Part 2 you can either record each of the tricks separately and then combine them into one video or for extra challenge attempt to do all of the actions in one take as a sequence. Feel free to edit the video and add music, effects or anything else to make it truly Valentine-themed. Try to keep your original sound track there too if you can but that's not essential.

2. Complete the Submission form and it will take you to the payment page.

It costs £30 or approx $35 to take part  

We accept secure payments by card, Apple Pay or PayPal

If you have any questions at any point just drop us e-mail at

For successful completion of the Challenge you'll receive:

1. Named certificate

2. Stunning handmade rosette

3. Postage at no extra cost to anywhere in the world

4. Written personal feedback with comments, ideas and training suggestions


Strengthen the bond with your dog and celebrate your achievements!

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