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Champion Trick Dog Title

Champion Trick Dog title is the highest available Trick Dog titles.

The Championship title is about your dog’s abilities, and just as importantly about the partnership you’ve developed with your dog. The Champion title is also about your learning and reflections on your journey with your dog. 

We believe that a combination of the talent, the strength of your partnership, the lessons you learned from each other and the continuous desire to improve- this is what makes a real Champion.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for the Champion Trick Dog title you need to achieve Expert level title in at least one Talent track area, or Advanced titles in 2 different areas.

There are no restrictions in terms of dog's age, breed, mixed breeds, dog size etc, but like with any other Trick Dog titles dog's safety and health should be the top priority. All dogs should clearly enjoy performing the tricks and working in true partnership with the handler.

Champion Trick Dog title requirements:

Part 1: Choose 3 of your dog’s favourite tricks on Advanced or Expert level and show them with your dog in 3 distinctly different places.

The places should be different in terms of the environment and the feel. For example, it could be inside of a home, open rural area, open urban area, build up environment etc. This is to demonstrate that your dog is robust and is able to focus and perform the tricks reliably in any, including unfamiliar settings.


Part 2: Distance work

1. Choose 3 tricks at Advanced or Expert level and show them with your dog at a distance of at least 3 m away from you, performed on a mark or a raised platform.  


Part 3: Demonstrate 5 Sequences of any two behaviours, with at least one trick in each sequence needs to be at Advanced or Expert level.

Be creative and combine tricks from different areas of skills. This is the opportunity to demonstrate different aspects of your dog’s talent and that your dog is able to easily switch from one area of skills to another. The sequence should show a smooth transition from one trick to another and that your dog maintains its focus on you and is enthusiastic throughout. The dog can be given praise as many times as you need throughout the sequence, but the food or toy reward can only be given on completion of the full sequence.At least one trick in each of the 5 sequences need to be from the Advanced or Expert level. Please do not re-use the tricks between the sequences.


Part 4: Creative work with props

Demonstrate 3 sequences of 5 tricks each with a prop. You'll need to use 3 different props here- one for each of the sequences. 

Behaviours can be from any level (Foundation, Novice, Advanced, Expert), and the same identical behaviour must not be repeated in another sequence. For example, if you asked your dog to "sit pretty” in one sequence, you can’t do it in another sequence, but of course, you can ask “to hold an object while sitting pretty” instead as it's a modified trick. You can re-use tricks demonstrated in Part 3 as a part of the sequences. 


Part 5: Show your creativity and your unique tricks.

Show 3 unique tricks or behaviours that are not on the current list of behaviours. Alternatively, you can use the behaviours on the list, but you need to perform them with your dog in a distinctly different way. Be creative and show off your dog’s talent. Please do not re-use the submissions from your previous titles, but you are very welcome to use some of those tricks.

Champion Trick Dog title detailed requirements:

  • Champion Trick Dog title working checklist (printer-friendly) 

It is a helpful summary and a place for you to make your own notes as you work towards the title.


If you have a disabled dog requiring some adjustments, please message us and we will always find

a suitable alternative.

For the full list of general rules and requirements please click here.

The cost of the Champion title is £50 which is around $55 and includes assessment, detailed feedback,

named hand signed certificate, administration, exclusively designed for DTA premium rosette by 

one of the top UK rosette designers as well as all postage and packing.

When you are ready to submit the videos for your Champion Trick Dog title assessment,

please check the Submission guidance and fill in the  Submission Form

On successful submission, you'll receive the Champion Trick Dog Certificate and a very special Champion rosette

Champion Trick Dog Title rosette
Dog Talent Association rosettes
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