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Session 1 of the Seminar Blind Deaf and Amazing - on living with and training deaf, blind and deaf blind dogs.  

Session lead: Olga Jones, UK


Session is about 1.5 hours long. You'll receive the link to recording of the full session including presentation, videos, discussion, questions and answers. You'll be able to watch and refer back to the session as many times as you'd like.


Session 1 covers:

1. Blind, deaf or blind deaf dog- what you can achieve together? 

Some inspirations and experiences of people from around the world 

2. Outline and objectives of this Seminar

- Your brief guide to the Sessions and the speakers

- How to get most from each of the Sessions

3. Causes of deafness and blindness in dogs, types and their impact on training

4. Teaching your blind and deaf dogs tricks- why does it matter?

5. Some practical homework before the next session​


Session 1 is a mixture of presentation, videos and a follow up discussion with Q&A

Session 1: Deaf, blind and totally amazing!