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Session 4 of the Seminar Blind Deaf and Amazing - on living with and training deaf, blind and deaf blind dogs.  

Session 4 lead: Aleesia Chow, Canada


Session is about 1.5 hours long. You'll receive the link to recording of the full session including presentation, videos, discussion, questions and answers. You'll be able to watch and refer back to the session as many times as you'd like.


Session 4 covers:

- Introduction and success

- Getting started- it’s the hardest part

- Understanding your dog’s memory & perception

- Effective communication 

- Expanding your vocabulary

- Maximizing your clarity

- Methodology that is and isn’t the same between seeing dogs & blind dogs

- Challenges of competing with a blind dog

            - Internal Team Challenges

            - External “The Other Guy” Challenges

- Q&A

Session 4: Training a blind dog to achieve anything and to live it's best life