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Session 5 of the Seminar Blind Deaf and Amazing - on living with and training deaf, blind and deaf blind dogs.  

Session lead: Deb Bauer, USA


The session is about 1.5 hours long. You'll receive the link to recording of the full session including presentation, videos, discussion, questions and answers. You'll be able to watch and refer back to the session as many times as you'd like.


Session 5 covers:

- Communication

- Initial steps (where do I start?)

- Safety

- Training blind and deaf dogs:

    - Why trick training is beneficial

    - Markers

    - Touch cues

    - Developing confidence and motivation

    - Working with props

    - Working in unfamiliar environments and outside home-  how to prepare your dog for that

- Common training challenges and solutions

- Opportunities, including many competition opportunities 

- Resources and further available support

- Q&A

Session 5: Empowering what's possible! Uncovering the potential