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Mozart Challenge Title

The task for this Challenge is:

To showcase your dog's musical talent by creating 5 different musical compositions


Challenge rules:

1. The "compositions" need to be performed by the dog independently with minimal help from you, but of course you can always join in if you'd like as a part of the duet. 

2. The compositions can be anything from vocals (howling, singing, barking) or any other tricks performed by the dog that produce a sound. Compositions don't even have to involve an actual musical instrument and can be performed anywhere. For some ideas see the Creative Ideas section below. 

3. Each of the 5 compositions need to be performed using different tools, props, actions or approach and on cue.



Submitting for the Mozart Challenge Title:

1. Please submit all five compositions by your dog as a part of one video, aim for it to be under 5 minutes, but it could be just a few seconds. Length is not important, what is important is your dog performing/expressing itself independently, or as independently as possible while having fun. 

2. Complete the Submission form and it will take you to the payment page. We accept secure payments by card of PayPal  

Like with all other DTA titles we will provide you written feedback and training suggestions on the basis of your video.


Make sure your dog is supervised at all times

Any tools and props used should be non-toxic and safe for dogs. 

Set up the area for music and tricks with safety in mind and you are fully responsible for safety of you and your dog. Keep it fun for you both!

If you would like to teach your dog to play several musical instruments have a look at the

Dog Music and Art Tricks Masterclass 

Some creative ideas for you:

Potential musical instruments and props your dog could use for making the sounds:

- Vocal compositions

Vocals is just as expressive and engaging. We love dogs expressing themselves using their own voice. Your dog could howl, bark, squeal, snap, snort, sneeze or make any other noise. For it to be a musical composition we need to see that dog performs the action as a trick on your cue or a trigger. Many dogs love joining in with their vocal part alongside a music and that's absolutely perfect. 

You can also programme Alexa or another smart device so they start playing a music in response to bark or another noice from your dog.

- Piano/keyboard

There are so many options with keyboard or piano- from grand piano to kids toy little pianos and anything in-between. Your dog can use paws or nose to play and needs to be able to perform a composition consisting of several notes.

For even more fun on electronic keyboard your dog can practically play any musical instrument/produce vast variety of sounds depending on the settings. You can also add accompanying rhythm to your dog's play or play along together. 

- Bells and chimes

Lots of potential for fun and creativity here! Your dog could "play" hanging large call bells, ship bell, hotel style table bells, jingle bells, wind chimes of many sorts etc. They can be played with paws, nose, by pulling a rope or a part of bell or by holding an object and using it to strike the bells to make the sounds.

- Buttons

Another group of props with lots of potential for creativity, fun and lots of musical potential.

Your dog can press one or more buttons that make sounds. Think also about buttons with pre-recorded sounds/words/music or sounds of musical instruments. Buttons can also include pressing a button on your music player, computer or another electronic device to play the music.

- Phone, tablet, touch screen

You can teach your dog to play music by pressing a section on a touch screen with nose or touch stylus. Dog could also scroll up and down or side to side with its nose to play a different music or switch from one social media post with music to another. Smart screen can also have several large "buttons" which will produce a different sound if touched by the dog.

- String instruments

This can be be anything from guitar to violin, double bass etc. Dog can pluck the strings either with paws or with an object.

- Percussion instruments

Here you have a vast selection of various drums, cymbals and xylophones - from African drums, to tom toms, kids drums, hand drums, xylophones  etc. Depending on the type, they could be played by shaking, using paws, using drum sticks or floor pedals operated by the dog paws.

- And even more ideas:

- Car horn

- Different versions or bike bells- with the leaver and squeeze type

- Microphone (by using it to amplify voice or by moving it around a surface to create a sound).

- Musical triangle

- Musical toys that can be operated by variety of actions

- Floor piano- this one is has a great scope for joint performances that might involve you or more than one dog.

- Broom/brush that make sounds when pulled around the surface

- Bouncing on different size cardboard boxes will produce different sounds

- Using spoons or cooking utensils to tap them on pans and pots

- Enrichment toys that make sounds

- Toys that make sounds when squeezed, pushed, shaken

- Baby rattles and maracas 

- If you have more than one dog they can make an orchestra

- Scratching a noisy surface

- Blowing bubbles into water

- You can record several sounds that your dog makes by itself or using instruments/tools and overlay them into a composition.

- You can also use Garage band or a similar music composition software on your computer that your doc can operate by pressing the keyboard.

- Think also about any objects (doors for example) that make sound when opened or closed that dog can operate independently.

- Dropping coins or other objects into a container and rolling it afterwards.

- Other toys or objects that make sound when rolled

- Your clicker can become a musical instrument too

- Barking or howling into a pipe or cardboard roll

- If you have kids you can involve them too for even more fun!

These are just some of the ideas to inspire you.

Now it's time for your creativity and for lots of fun!

Make sure you share your dog's compositions and creative process and tag us in your social media as you are having fun and experimenting #DogTalentAssociation


Can't wait to listen and watch your dogs compositions! 

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