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International Trick Dog Competition Hall of Fame

International Trick Dog Champions 2023

Lisa Rickards and Java


Lisa and Java are an exceptionally talented team from the USA 

with a huge future ahead of them as Java is only 3 years old.

Lisa has been a volunteer puppy raiser for a service dogs for the last 20 years. Java is a a failed service dog who was discharged from the programme.

Lisa had a firm belief in Java, did not give up and kept searching for the key to her heart and talent.

After trying a number of things they discovered that Java loves doing tricks and is exceptionally good at it. Tricks helped Java to really open up, built her confidence discover joys of learning and opened up the doors to a number of other things Lisa and Java are now enjoy doing together.   

You can watch interview with Lisa here

International Trick Dog Champions 2022

Susan Brogan and Carmine




and Carmine's paintings:

Susan and Carmine are an exceptional multi-talented team.

They are competing in Rally obedience and Tricks with multiple trick titles. Susan and Carmine also do therapy work and perform in nursing and residential homes to bring smiles and positivity. In addition to that they have fun with agility, freestyle dog dancing etc. 

Susan is a professional dog trainer who is also involved in judging freestyle, certified AKC CGC evaluator/trick dog instructor, stunt Dog judge, and animal Actor evaluator for DMWYD. 


Susan says: "Trick training is something I encourage everyone to try with their dog. It has so many benefits! Trick training can be a no pressure activity that allows you and your dog to learn about each other, have fun, and improve your partnership and confidence! 

You can watch interview with Susan here

Susan and Carmine.jpg

International Trick Dog Champions 2021

Emily Anderson and Leo

@TrickSpaniel on Instagram on Facebook

Emily and Leo are one of the most talented Trick Dog teams in the world. They regularly appear on TV, live Trick shows and displays, newspapers across the world and variety of "the most talented dog" programmes and shows. They also continuously innovate and came up with totally new and creative ideas for tricks, particularly using props. 

Emily has been training dogs for 20 years and enjoy agility, flyball, scentwork and hoopers. Her biggest passion is trick training! She particularly enjoys working with anxious dogs and their owners and gets a lot of pleasure from watching their confidence grow! 

Following the competition we partnered with Emily to bring you some of their best tricks in the form of training Masterclasses- see the the Shop


International Trick Dog Champions 2020

Chrissy Joy and Beasley

@TheChrissyJoy and

@TheJoyCrew on Instagram on Facebook

Chrissy and Beasley is a very special team! They produced some of the most creative entries in the International Trick Dog competition. They also used the opportunity to unite and uplift the spirit of their whole town in the fight against COVID- showcasing the real heroes of today. Together the team also raised money to support a good cause creatively using the competition challenges. Their team is a true example of partnership build on love, respect and true bond. 


Beasley is a rescue dog but this did not stop the team to win the tough International Trick Dog Competition and inspire many others.

They found the experience of taking part in the ITDC supercharging and transformational.


International Trick Dog Champions 2019

Jenisa Myers and Jedi

@BlazingBorderCollies on Instagram

Jedi and Jenisa inspired many to really get into

trick dog training.

They are also exceptional in many other dog sports

they pursue.

Their enthusiasm, work ethics, precision, bond and

professionalism are truly outstanding. 


Jedi won the highly competitive

International Trick Dog Competition despite being deaf.  
Every dog has a talent and the potential to be great. 
If your dog has disabilities, tough past before you rescued it-

don’t let it stop you!

Believe in yourself and your dog and

you can achieve anything- together!

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