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Worldwide professional dog titles

"I love your dog titling programme- it's unique and fun! Do you work worldwide?"

This is the most common question we hear from the new customers who discovered Dog Talent Association and would like to join in and progress through the titles.

And the answer is: "Yes!" We have teams from all over the World who work on DTA Trick Dog Titles and Talent Show Dog Titles.

Just to give you an idea there is the snapshot of our customers from the last month.

We are truly international and work with teams all over the world who want to take their trick training to the next level.

We currently offer 2 main titles:

are for those who want to take their trick dog training to the next level and truly develop their dog's talent. Many people who work on our titles already have titles from other trick dog titling programmes. DTA titles help them to grow, expand their range of tricks and refine their trick performance to professional level.

Some teams are new to trick training and very much enjoy following the Talent Tracks that tailor trick choices to individual dog's talent.

are for those who would like to perform with their trick dogs on professional level either in real dog shows or virtually. This programme helps teams to learn to link tricks and put together trick dog displays and performances.

This is a great development pathway for therapy dogs who do some trick displays, for studio dogs who need to learn to perform series of behaviours, for those who take part or what to get involved into trick shows, talent shows or even to perform for their family and friends.

For each of the title submission we provide detailed feedback with individual suggestions and where appropriate ideas for the next steps. Our main purpose is to help the team to grow together and then celebrate their achievements. We stretch and inspire teams to go further.

We recognise the challenges and support dogs with special needs (deaf, blind, or with other disabilities), always looking for the ways to help each team to develop and celebrate their achievements.

We also host online training with some of the World's best trick dog trainers to help each team to grow and try new things. We have separate training programmes for you depending on where you are and what you would like to achieve with your dog.

We also have great Facebook group for likeminded dog trainers where you can see announcements about upcoming events, challenges, make friends and learn from eachother.

Join in!


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