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Over 530 tricks now! Boost your trick dog training

We have just updated the list of tricks for all our Trick Dog titles!

Now there are over 530 tricks to choose from- this is the largest selection of structured dog tricks with detailed descriptions available anywhere!

Dog is sitting in red superman glasses and a red cape
Over 530 tricks to choose from

Our tricks are organised in the logical progressive order- which we call Talent Tracks This way your dog builds on the tricks and skills learned at the earlier levels to progress fast and to achieve the best results- fast!

It is like learning a foreign language using a focused guided course rather than just leaving you to learn the dictionary. Talent Tracks will help you to target the exact tricks you need to progress as quickly as possible depending on what you would like to do with your dog and your dog's personality.

One size does not fit all in dog training, and in trick training in particular! We will help you to choose your own tailored trick training path for your dog depending on your dog's talent, your preferences and what you would like to achieve together. You can be from any country in the world

Currently we have teams from over 40 different countries working on Dog Talent Association Titles. We welcome dogs with any disabilities, including deaf, blind, deafblind etc. and are always keen to work with you to adjust any title descriptions to accommodate specific disabilities of your dog.

Head to Dog Talent Association website to boost your trick training journey


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