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International Trick Dog Competition is now open

Your chance to win the International Trick Dog Champion Title is here!

We are wholeheartedly excited and delighted to announce that the 3rd International Trick Dog Competition is here and is now officially open for entries!

This is a very special competition that always attracts the top talent worldwide.

The competition is inclusive and designed to give every dog and every team an equal chance to succeed.

We welcome dogs of all abilities:

- New dogs to trick dog training in the Novice Trick Dog Class;

- Trick Dogs with some experience and established skills in Advanced Trick Dogs Class;

- Rescue dogs in Rescue Trick Dog Class;

- Existing Champion Trick Dogs in the extra challenging Champion League Class;

- Special dogs in Disabled Trick Dogs Class;

and teams of dogs in the Trick Dog Teams Class.

No matter what is your starting point - you can too become the International Trick Dog Champion!

The competition is designed as a progressive training with a stretch.

It will help you to take your dog's training to the next level and celebrate your achievements along the way!

The ITDC is a well established and highly respected online competition that attracts some of the top teams worldwide with amazing opportunities to learn, inspire and to make friends.

Join us on your own very special journey through 7 tasks and grow together as a team!



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