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Am I good enough for the International Trick Dog Competition?

We hear this question asked so often. After all, it is such a common human tendency to doubt ourselves and to doubt our dogs.

Let's talk about it!

Yes the International Trick Dog Competition every year attracts some of the best trick dog teams worldwide.

Yes there are a lot amazing dogs and humans taking part!

Yes it is competitive and it is a tough one to win!


1. The International Trick Dog Competition is designed as a progressive training challenge. It's not one entry but 7 tasks that gradually increase in their difficulty, helping you to take one manageable step at a time in your training.

2. We support you together with the judges throughout the whole competition by providing detailed and specific but very supportive feedback after every task. The feedback will help you to focus your training and to grow together as a team.

3. You choose the class depending on the current level of your dog's experience and only compete with the dogs at a similar level. This way novice dogs who are just starting out do not compete with the champion trick dogs. Everyone starts at the level they are now and gradually progress over the duration of the competition in their classes.

4. Every tasks is designed in such a way that you can adjust it to your dog, rather then "one size fits all! We encourage and welcome dogs and humans with disabilities, dogs with difficult start in life, dogs of any breed and any age. You have the full freedom to be creative and to adapt each of the tasks to the needs and the strengths of your dog.

5. We believe that every dog has a talent and the potential to achieve amazing things together with you. Throughout the competition we always do our best to help people to spot and to develop the talent in their dogs. We look for the ways to encourage, support and inspire you to attempt things you have not tried before, to stretch yourself and to experiment. We hope that by the end of the competition you'll learn to trust more yourself and your dog and together you'll discover and open some new doors and opportunities.

6. The competition always has a supportive atmosphere. Most people who are taking part are enthusiastic about sharing ideas, learning from each other, supporting and inspiring. In fact, many people who take part become great friends throughout the competition and remain in touch and collaborate afterwards.

So, in summary, the International Trick Dog Competition is not even primarily about competing, winning and pretty rosettes- though there is plenty of that too.

Most people who took part comment that it was a challenging but transformational experience that helped to raise their game, strengthen their bond and helped them to discover a lot of new things about themselves and their dogs.

If this sounds like a worthwhile goal to you- then we promise you are definitely good enough with your dog!

Stop doubting yourself and your dog and join in!


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