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Wizarding training for dogs

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Today we will introduce some magic into your dog’s training.

Struggling to come up with a command word for your new dog’s trick or would like to teach your dog some magic — then this is the post for you.

If you have some wizarding worlds fans at home- this could make their day, or at least make their day much more fun!

First things first!

We will start by sorting your dog into a Wizarding House

So which of the 4 houses do you reckon your dog belongs to? Make a guess first…

Would it be a proud Slytherin who likes to break rules?

Is it a brave Gryffindor who is loyal and stands for its friends?

Could it be a smart Ravenclaw?

Or a kind and helpful Hufflepuff?

Now let’s do a quiz. Ok, it is not an official quiz in any way, but it is a fun quiz, and we are having fun, aren’t we?

Answer the quiz to find out the Sorting Hat’s decision about your dog.

Is your dog ended up in the same house as you?

Now we are ready to start the Wizarding training of your dog!

Option 1:

You can either train your dog to respond to verbal spells- like they do in this video:

We love that cute dog by the way and the Aguamenti spell made us giggle :-)

It is the easiest way and you can combine it with wand gestures.

You need to be consistent in your training. So if your dog already knows the same trick using a non-magical command best not confuse it. In such case teach your dog a new trick using a magical command or use option 2: a silent spell.

Option 2:

Alternatively, you can teach your dog to respond to the silent spell gesture using your wand.

You can introduce this as an alternative cue to the dogs who already know the trick and/or teach your dog new tricks only using wand gestures.

After all, we all know that the silent spells are better as you do not know what it coming! What we also like is that this way you can establish your own secret language with your dog that is muggle-proof!

Your next steps:

1) Choose the approach you want to use with your dog:

- verbal spell commands

- verbal spell and wand gesture (you can combine the Option 1 and Option 2)

- silent spells and wand gesture

2) Choose the magical trick or tricks to teach your dog

Here at we have over 230 tricks to choose from. The largest selection of dog tricks you’ll find anywhere!

3) Find the right spell gestures for your trick

You might want to modify some of the spell gestures to make it easier for your dog to differentiate between them and use it consistently. Dog's are great at remembering gestures and movements so you'll be able to teach your dog as easily as with the usual verbal commands. You just need to make sure that the the spell gestures look sufficiently different between tricks and you perform them clearly and in the same way.

4) Share your videos of the Wizarding dog training challenge

on our Facebook page and see what others

have achieved with their dogs!

Be creative and have fun!

Every Wednesday we will bring you a new fun idea to spice up your dog training.

Stay tuned for your regular dose of training inspiration!

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