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Trick Dog Academy with Omar Von Muller

You have been asking us to expand the hugely popular masterclasses with Omar Von Muller and create a professional quality trick training programme linked to the Dog Talent Association Trick Dog Tiles.

We are so grateful for all your support, enthusiasm and such great ideas!

We did exactly what you suggested and are super delighted to launch online Trick Dog Academy with Omar Von Muller!

The Trick Dog Academy (TDA) with Omar is a progressive step by step training for you and your dog.

We will start with the fundamental elements and gradually will help you to progress to the most advanced tricks.

The Trick Dog Academy with Omar is a mixture of online sessions with practical homework that Omar will ask you to do after each of the session.

The practical homework is fundamental to really develop and embed those skills with your dog. Each session will gradually introduce you to more complex tricks and behaviours, building on the elements of the previous session.

The Trick Dog Academy training sessions are progressive, so we would recommend you to attend all of the sessions for the maximum benefit, but you can also dip in and out of them depending on where you are with your dog.

We will start with the session focusing on the Foundation tricks. The tricks taught at the are aligned to the Foundation Trick Dog Title by the Dog Talent Association

DTA Trick Dog Titles are prestigious worldwide awards aimed at professionals. They are a great way to provide you with additional focus and to celebrate your achievements all the way to Trick Dog Champion Title.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend training with one of the World's best trainers from your home!


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