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Pawmade with love

Christmas presents made by your dog? Yes that's absolutely possible and in fact we are currently running Trick dogs challenge to do exactly that!

Apart from lots of fun you'll end up having a great present or even several made by your dog for Christmas! Read on!

Alongside the Task 4 of the International Trick Dog Competition we are hosting

Chrissy Joy's Special Challenge

The challenge is together with your dog to create a Christmas gift. This could be either something physical that could be gifted or a special performance that can be shown as a gift. To take part in the challenge you need to submit 1 minute video. The video can be of the final result or a gift making process.

Find out more about the Challenge and how to enter it here:

If you are struggling with the ideas- you'll see lots of starter ideas for you at the bottom of the page when you follow the link above.

Sounds fun? It absolutely is!

There are two further reasons why we think you'll be interested to join this Challenge:

Reason 1:

All funds raised will go to support Medical Detection Dogs Charity

They do all sorts of amazing things with dogs from pioneering research on using dogs to identify a range of diseased from cancer to malaria, COVID and many others to training dogs to support people with life-threatening health conditions!

Reason 2:

The winner will receive a jaw dropping hamper from KONG who are kindly and generously sponsoring this Challenge

When we say jaw dropping we mean it!

See for yourself some of the examples of prizes from KONG for the previous Chrissy Joy's Challenge and International Trick Dog Competition

What's going to be in this year's Winner's Hamper Box is a secret, but we can promise you'll not be disappointed!


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