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Masterclass: Teach your dog to work at a distance

This is 4th Masterclass of the High Performance Dogs Programme led by Omar Von Muller, top Hollywood trainer in partnership with Dog Talent Association.


Saturday the 29th of August 2020

11 AM (PDT or GMT-7) 

(that's 1AM London time or 11 AM Los-Angeles time)

Each Masterclass costs $35

The session will be recorded, so all registered participants will receive access to

the full recording in case if you are unable to attend the live session.


The higher levels of many canine sports require the dog to work at a distance from the handler.

This is true for dog actors, performing trick dogs, dogs competing in heel work to music, dancing, working dogs, etc.

In this Masterclass Omar will cover effective practical approaches to developing your dog's ability to work at a distance from you.

Using marks is one of the most effective and commonly used approaches to achieving precise distance work.

Omar will share with you his approach to training with marks and a variety of cases where you can use them with your dog. 

This will be exceptionally useful session for anyone who are serious about competing or performing with dogs and need the dog to work at a distance just as well as when it is right next to you.

This session will  teach you how you can send your dog to a precise location at a distance from you. It will open up some great new opportunities for you and introduce exciting new variety to your training. 

Omar's dogs regularly have to perform sometimes at a considerable distance from him in a busy and stressful environment of a filming set.

Dog actors also need to be able to go and perform at a precise location.

Learn from Omar how you can do it with your dog! 

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