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Join "green" challenge with your dog!

Trick dogs can make the Earth greener!

Dog Talent Association is hosting a motivational programme of 'green" events and activities for trick dogs, their owners and trainers. Join this International initiative!

With this challenge Tricks dogs across the world will raise awareness of the impact of plastic bottles. We are inviting dog trainers and dog owners from all over the World to join in!

Challenge 1: Trick dogs and plastic bottles!

Submit a video of your dog performing up to 3 tricks with a plastic bottle (or bottles). Try to be creative and think outside of the box.

We want to have as many different and interesting tricks in the video as possible to make it fun and inspiring.

You can modify the plastic bottle, or use a part of the plastic bottle alongside other objects for your trick(s). We will select the best tricks from all those submitted and put them together into a great video.

This video will be instantly shareable. We think it will go viral and may even be shown on some TV channels. The key message coming from the video will be: about re-use, re-purpose and re-cycle.

We are sure this video will inspire more people to follow your lead.

It will also raise awareness of the impact of plastic bottles on the environment.

Everyone who enters will receive a link to the video and updates on the impact of this video worldwide.

Everyone who takes part will receive a special named certificate.

For more information and to enter see: Submit your entry by the end of Sunday the 25th of April This is the first of several actions/events that we've scheduled to run in the next few months. Every action will have a clear positive practical impact and you'll enjoy being part of the International movement. Those who took part in our previous events know that every one of them was a success and we promise you'll feel proud to be part of it and our collective achievements!

Join in and let's together make the Earth greener!


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