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Trick Dogs Action for the Environment

Trick dogs can make the Earth greener!  

Dog Talent Association is hosting a motivational programme of 'green" events and activities for trick dogs, their owners and trainers.

Join this International initiative! We will have plenty of fun and together will make a positive, practical and meaningful impact on the environment.

People who are passionate about the environment sometimes don't see what they can do individually to make a practical impact. They want to make some positive change but would love to see more global impact from their actions. 

You may not realise it yet, but trick dogs have many special powers (we will prove this to you) and together we can achieve much bigger things!

Challenge 1: Tricks dogs will raise awareness of the impact of plastic bottles

Let's start by making a great International video raising awareness of the impact of plastic bottles with the help of your trick dog(s).

We are inviting dog trainers and dog owners from all over the World to join in!


How to take part: 

Submit a video of your dog performing up to 3 tricks or behaviours with a plastic bottle (or bottles).

You can modify the plastic bottle, or use a part of the plastic bottle alongside other objects for your trick(s). 

Any behaviours can be included such as using plastic bottle as a toy, a puzzle or enrichment object.

Any tricks can be used.

All dogs are welcome- all types and abilities.

All entries will be included into a video which might be aired on TV and you will receive a named certificate.


We will select the best tricks from all those submitted and put them together into a great video.

This video will be instantly shareable. We think it will go viral and may even be shown on some TV channels. 

The key message coming from the video will be about re-use, re-purpose and re-cycle.  We are sure it will inspire more people to follow your lead. It will also raise awareness of the impact of plastic bottles on the environment.

Everyone who enters will receive a link to the video and updates on the impact of this video worldwide.

Everyone who takes part will also receive a special named certificate by e-mail.

We are asking £3 entry fee (or equivalent in your currency) to take part in this challenge.

50% of all raised funds will be donated to the environmental impact charity of your choice (we will have public vote).

The rest of the funds will cover administrative side, production of the video and it's distribution to ensure maximum impact. 

To enter:

1) Please complete this very short Submission form, pay for the entry (PayPal or card) and 

2) Then e-mail your video to

Ideally, please film in horizontal (not vertical) format. No more than 3 tricks please with plastic bottle(s). 

Submit your entry by the end of Sunday the 16th of May

This is the first of several actions/events that we've scheduled to run in the next few months.

Every action will have a clear positive practical impact and you'll enjoy being part of the International movement. 

Those who took part in our previous events know that every one of them was a success and we promise you'll feel proud to be part of it and our collective achievements!

Background to this action and facts

Every Action for the environment we include into the programme is well thought through and has been selected for the impact, ease of implementation, how common is the issue and its importance for the environment.

Recognising the scale of the problem and realising what you personally can do to help is often the first step for many in their journey to greener living.

Dogs, particularly smart dogs performing awesome tricks have ultimate appeal to all ages, social circles and across the cultures.

Plastic bottles is something many people will find easiest to give up or re-use/recycle. That's why we are starting with them and we want your dogs to be the messengers.


Some facts about plastic bottles:

1) It can take upto 1000 of years for a plastic bottle to break up, but even then plastic bottles do not biodegrade (can not be recycled by living organisms) and will stay on Earth as micro plastic, which is still harmful for living things.

2) Most plastic bottles are made from a plastic known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is produced using oil, which is non-renewable fossil fuel.

3) Plastic bottles by quantity are 5th most common item of rubbish picked up during coastline cleanup and they make a very sizeable portion of the total plastic pollution in oceans. 

4) Currently worldwide 90% of plastic bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills across our planet or in the oceans.

What you can personally do to reduce the environmental impact of plastic bottles:

1) Use re-usable bottles and encourage others to switch to re-usable bottles;

2) Re-use/repurpose and recycle any plastic bottles.

They make a fab prop for dog training and we will be sharing some other ideas on how you can repurpose the bottles.

3) Always recycle any plastic bottles you use- do not put them in a general "rubbish" or "trash" and do not discard them in the environment.

4) Tell others about their impact and share the video that we will produce together!

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