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How to get your dog into acting and TV

Would you like your dog to play a role in a movie, TV commercial, a televised dog show or perform in a live acting role?

We all had a film with a dog in the leading role who stollen our heart, made us laugh and cry, inspired us and perhaps even got us involved into the dog training. Could your dog can be the next Hachi, Lassie, Benji, Red Dog, Tulip or Togo...?

Perhaps you always wondered how you can get your dog involved into studio work?

Where to start and what you need to do prepare your dog for the casting opportunity? Equally importantly how can you find those opportunities?

In addition to the large movies dogs can play roles in TV commercials, advertisement photo shoots, dog shows etc. The opportunities are many and if you know how any dog can get involved with the right training and preparation.

Join the upcoming online workshop:

Train your dog for studio work with Omar Von Muller

This mastercalss is with one of the most sought after Hollywood dog trainers who is specialising in studio work. His dogs regularly appear on TV, in movies and televised dog performances and he works with a wide range of companies in motion pictures and TV industry.


Saturday the 14th of November 2020

7PM London time (11AM Los Angeles)

The masterclass will be recorded, so if you register, but can't join the live session you'll be able to watch it later.

To find out more about the masterclass and to register follow this link:

Don't miss this session!


For more training opportunities for you and your dog see


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