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Your dog training resolutions for 2021

We have a little tradition among the Dog Talent Association team.

On the last working day of the year each of us makes 2 resolutions or goals- one for ourselves and one for our dogs.

We then write both of them on a beautiful piece of card and stick on the board (this year we shared them electronically).

What we often find is that we get just as inspired by the resolutions of others just as much as our own and strive to achieve more than one initial goal throughout the year.

Our team's dog training goals for this year are:

- Learn to perform with my dog anywhere

- Build up my dog's motivation so it is keen, reliable and consistent

- Teach my dog some new awesome skills

- Advance our distance work

- Play a role in a commercial or movie


Our upcoming 2 workshops with Omar Von Muller will certainly help us to make progress towards some of our training goals:

1) Teach your dog how to scoot on the 9th of January

This is a practical workshop which will go through the step by step approach to how you can teach your dog to scoot safely, in full control while having lots of fun.

If you are interested to join here is the link for more details and to register:

2) Advanced marks and teach your dog to work facing away from handler on the 23rd of January

This workshop is for those who want to advance distance work, develop precise control even when you are behind the dog and while dog is facing away from you and take your training to the next level.

To find out more about this workshop and to register:

What are your training goals for 2021?


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