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Vote for the top Trick Dog

We are at Week 4 of the International Trick Dog Competition.

Each week the competing teams were marked by the judges.

This week is your chance to cast your vote for the best team in each class!

The team with the highest number of "likes" or "loves" will win.

We have amazing teams competing this week with some outstanding Trick Dog performances. We need your vote to help us to choose the best.

Have a look at their entries in the classes below and cast your vote by putting your "like" or "love" for your favourite performance in each of the classes.

We have the following classes:

Adult Trick Dog Class:

Junior Handler Class:

Trick Dogs Team Class:

Rescue Trick Dog Class:

Disabled Dogs Team:

Senior Trick Dog Class:

Please visit the Dog Talent Association Facebook pages above and cast your vote by Sunday the 17th of May 2020.

Teams really need your support and you'll find the entries interesting, humorous, creative and inspiring!

Enjoy and pick your favourites!


For more information on the competition and to take part yourself please see:


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