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Trick dogs across the World making the Earth "greener"

Over the last couple of months we at Dog Talent Association were hoisting a very unique International event.

Together with our super talented trick dogs and their handlers we set ourselves a challenge to make some positive environmental change with a global impact.

24 teams from 4 countries joined the challenge to create an educational environmental message aiming to reduce the impact of plastic bottles.

It was a truly inclusive effort. We had dogs all sizes and all abilities, disabled dogs and even a trick duck joining this International initiative.

We wanted to lead by example and show what we all can do to reduce the impact of plastic on the environment. We also tried to make our video engaging and entertaining while carrying some clear educational messages.

Please help us to share this video across the World for even more impact.

In addition to the video we:

1) Raised funds in support of Waste Aid Charity WasteAid is a great charity that developed and shares waste management and recycling skills in the world’s poorest places, including development of local tailored waste management programmes. What we particularly liked that this charity also developed and shares practical solution and step by step know how on how to turn mixed plastic waste and bottles into eco bricks that can be used for construction and building eco housing.

The charity was selected by a public vote among 6 other charities with innovative and practical approach and environmental focus.

2) Collected, re-used, repurposed and re-cycled over 200 plastic bottles

With our video we were specifically targeting plastic bottles because:

- It can take upto 1000 of years for a plastic bottle to break up;

- Most plastic bottles are made from a plastic known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), which is produced using oil, which is non-renewable fossil fuel.

​- Plastic bottles by quantity are 5th most common item of rubbish picked up during coastline cleanup;

​- Currently worldwide 90% of plastic bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills across our planet or in the oceans.

3) Inspired others to do more and showed that everyone can take some practical steps to help the environment by:

  • Picking up any plastic you see;

  • Recycling all plastic;

  • Supporting those who make things from recycled plastic;

  • Re-using and re-purposing,

  • and where possible purchasing "greener" alternatives instead

Please share our video and let's together clear our planet from plastic!


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