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How to start teaching your dog tricks?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

You'd like to start teaching your dog some tricks, but where should you start?

We think all trick training should start with the right foundation and teaching your dog some important basics.

Let’s think about the time when you were learning to read or were teaching your kids to read?

Before you started learning your first letters, you probably enjoyed listening someone reading you stories, had at least several books at home and liked looking at the pictures in books.

You already knew that books can be fun and were ready to learn to read yourself. When you were learning the first letters you probably had lots of encouragement from your parents and teachers. You probably started with a few letters and gradually took it from there.

You would have much harder time if you did not particularly like the books to start with or if your teachers insisted that you begin with some grown-up books.

That’s why before you start teaching your dog tricks, you need to have the foundation in place. The foundation in this case includes trust and respect between you and your dog, right motivation and enthusiasm to learn.

This is why we start our trick dog training with the Foundation Trick Dog Title. While working on the Foundation title you’ll teach your dog some essential commands, but most importantly you’ll prepare your dog to learn. Having the solid foundation will help you both to progress fast with the training and enjoy each other’s company.

To find out more about the Foundation Trick Dog title and requirements please click here.

There is no age limit when you start training your dog. In fact we always recommend to start as soon as possible. Many good breeders start some basic training before the 8 weeks time when you usually pick up your puppy.

Establishing the foundation is never too late either. So if you have a rescue dog or a mature dog, you’ll find it just as valuable.

Having an enthusiastic dog that wants to learn from you will make the rest of the trick training easy and fun.


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