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Thank you KONG for support!

We are very grateful for KONG Company for their support of the International Trick Dog Competition over several years.

KONG has been providing very generous hamper prizes for top 3 finalist of the competition as well as additional prizes for charity fundraising challenges led by Chrissy Joy.

International Trick Dog Competition is a prestigious and challenging annual even that attract top trick dog teams worldwide to compete over the period of 3 months in a series of challenges. This year we had nearly 90 teams from 8 countries taking part in the competition. The challenges are set with the increasing level difficultly and always with training purpose in mind. Every participant receives a detailed feedback after each of the tasks. The competition is designed as a training boost for each of the teams as well as an opportunity to try something totally new, to learn from each other and to make friends worldwide.

This year's KONG prizes have arrived and we would like to share with you a couple of photos. Thank you so much Lisa Rickards and Barbara Zeiger for sending us your photos!

Java - International Trick Dog Champion 2023

with her Kong hamper prize

Ziva who came 3rd overall in the International Trick Dog Competition 2023

Thank you KONG for your support!


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