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Teach your dog to work at distance- as a pro!

Would you like your dog to be able to perform any command at a distance from you with enthusiasm and precision?

Would you like having full control of your dog when it is off leash and 5o meters away from you?

This often is perceived to be almost like magic even among advanced dog trainers.

It does not have to be that way and you can teach your dog exactly that without any use of magic wand.

Would you like to learn how?

Then join the online workshop with Omar Von Muller on

Advanced distance work and marks

on 23rd of January 2021

We will be covering step by step approach to teaching your dog some fantastic skills there including:

- Advanced marks (small marks, precision, sending to invisible mark, work with several marks). For those who are new to marks it is a way to precisely tell a specific location for your dog and then dog will go to that spot or to several marked locations to perform the behaviour; - Advanced distance work (including long distance and where handler is not fully visible); - Working the dog from behind (when the dog performs tricks or behaviour facing away from the handler);

- Working with the handler out of dog's sight This is will be of great interest for all advanced trick dog trainers, for those who compete with dogs at a number of sports requiring precise dog control at a distance and from behind, dog dancing, and of course studio work.

​Omar is one of very few trainers worldwide who is the true expert on distance work and if you are serious about advancing you dog's training and to stand above the competition don't miss this session.

For best results, you and your dog needs to be familiar with marks or working on them. If training using marks is a new concept for you you can listen to the previous webinar: Introduction to Distance work and Marks with Omar Von Muller. The recording is available here. There will be also plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you have and Omar will be able to help you to overcome your specific challenges..

The session will be recorded so all registered participants will receive access to the full recording in case if you are unable to attend the live session.


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