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Teach your dog to walk on ropes!

It's the jaw-dropping video of a dog walking happily and confidently on ropes was out first introduction to Omar Von Muller and his amazing dogs.

Omar is one of the World's most inspirational dog trainers. He is creative, charismatic, and constantly push boundaries of what a dog can achieve.

We are truly excited to launch a new series of online Expert tricks workshops with Omar aimed at advanced trick dogs and experienced handlers.

The first workshop will cover some of the most impressive Omar's tricks build around dog's balance.

During the workshop, Omar will teach you his step by step approach to teaching dogs:

Rope walking
- Balance beams and rails

There will be also plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you have.

The workshop will be as practical as possible, so when you register for the session we will also invite you (if you wish) to share a short video on where you are with your dog with those tricks at and if you have any particular challenges you'd like Omar to help you with. It will enable Omar to tailor this session specifically to your needs.

Watch this video of 1 year old Monkey walking the ropes

The tricks taught at this session are aligned to the Expert Trick Dog Title by the Dog Talent Association.

DTA Trick Dog Titles are prestigious awards aimed at professionals.

For additional information on DTA Trick Dog Titles see:

After the workshop, you'll be working with your dog independently on those tricks referring to the recording of the session where necessary.

Please note that you are fully responsible for the risk assessment and safety of you and your dog and anyone else involved. Do not take part in those sessions if you are not an experienced dog trainer.

Omar's dogs are famous for their outstanding tricks, athletism and great work ethics. Learn from Omar how you can achieve the same with your dog and have fun!


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