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Teach your dog to play piano and to paint

Would you like to teach your dog to play several musical instruments and to paint?

Perhaps you have an undiscovered Picasso or Mozart who never had the chance to show you their talent?

Many dogs love making art and music, just like us! It's only the matter of showing them how and giving them the opportunity.

Contrary to the common belief, teaching any dog to paint and to play musical instruments is not difficult. Yes any dog can learn it!

Would you like to give it a go and discover the world of music and art with your dog?

We have an upcoming masterclass on Dog Music and Art Tricks

It will cover a wide range of musical instruments- from guitar to xylophone and piano and several ways of painting- scratch painting, watercolour, water painting etc.

Each trick will have detailed step by step instructions with videos of several different dogs learning and showing you how and plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you have.

You will be able to join the Masterclass from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. You also will receive the recording of the workshop, so you can refer to it again afterwards.

To find out more and to teach your dog how, follow the link below:


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