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Over 60 dog tricks you can do with a chair

You can do an amazing number of tricks with your dog using practically any household item. Here is a fun selection of tricks using a simple chair!

Comparing to other dog sports, you can do tricks anywhere, you do not need any expensive equipment and set up (in fact you do not need any special equipment!), any dog can enjoy tricks and you can tailor the tricks to your dog rather than follow "one size fits all" approach!

Task 1 of the International Trick Dog Competition 2023 is all about tricks with a chair.

We had so much fun when making the list, hope you'll find it a useful inspiration for a rainy day. Or perhaps, it will also tempt you to enter the International Trick Dog Competition 2023 with your dog and give it a proper go!

Some ideas of tricks with chairs:

  1. 2 front paws up

  2. 4 paws up (on)

  3. 2 hind paws up

  4. 2 front paws up and elephant trick (full circle around the chair while keeping front paws up). And you can do it in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions!

  5. 2 hind paws up and elephant trick

  6. Alternating front paws touch (like a drum)

  7. Paws up and say prayers

  8. Chin on the chair

  9. Go under a chair

  10. Jump over a chair

  11. Crawl under several chairs

  12. Jump from one chair to another

  13. 2 paws up and shuffle along a row of chairs

  14. Put an object onto the chair

  15. Fetch an object from chair

  16. Turn the chair upside down and use legs to stack rings

  17. Hide behind the chair

  18. Circles around a chair leg

  19. Figure of eight around a chair legs

  20. 2 chair leg weaves

  21. Row of chairs leg weaves

  22. Alternate over/under a row of chairs

  23. Circle a chair clockwise and anticlockwise

  24. Go around a chair backwards clockwise and anticlockwise

  25. Person sits on a chair dog goes around

  26. Person sits on a chair dog performs figure of 8 leg weave of a sitting person

  27. Person sits on a chair dog into centre position between handlers legs while remaining under the chair

  28. Person sits dog puts 2 paws up on knees

  29. Person sits dog puts paws up and "tell the person a secret" (whisper into handler's ear)

  30. Distance work with the chair used as a platform (make sure it's stable and safe for the dog)

  31. Dog sits on a chair to play piano

  32. Dog sits on a chair to "type on computer"

  33. Pretend "wee" on a chair

  34. "Do as I do" tricks involving a chair

  35. "Read" involving a chair

  36. Use chair to support painting while dog paints

  37. Set up several chairs as an obstacle course

  38. Push chair on wheels

  39. Pull chair on wheels

  40. Chair balance split (4 paws up on 2 chairs- 2 paws on each)

  41. Rock the rocking chair

  42. Ride the rocking chair

  43. Push the pushchair (the dog can put a toy on first and then push along)

  44. Hidden object search in an armchair

  45. Nose touch chair (sustained nose touch chair)

  46. Use the upside down chair as a container to put objects in (tidy up toys)

  47. Up side down chair to get "in"

  48. Cover the chair with a sheet and make a den where your dog or you can hide

  49. Wrap chair around with a tinsel or rope (dog holds the rope as it goes around the chair wrapping it around)

  50. Dog pushes an object off a chair using nose or paws

  51. Chair legs cavaletti

  52. Sit on chair

  53. Stand on chair

  54. Down on chair

  55. Spin on the top of a chair

  56. Sit on the chair and cover it's face (shy)

  57. Dog sits on a chair and catches a thrown object

  58. Chair tunnel (either under or put two rows of chairs and dog runs in-between them)

  59. Ring a bell attached to a chair

  60. Sit pretty with support from the chair

  61. Sit pretty then stand tall on hind legs with support from the chair

  62. Specific hind paw touch the chair

  63. Specific front paw touch the chair

  64. Chair hug (dog wraps one of the front paws around a leg of a chair or a leg of a person sitting on a chair)

  65. Put a stick between two chairs and use it as an agility hurdle

  66. Put sticks between several chairs to get a full agility or a cavaletti course

  67. Put a rope between two chairs and teach your dog to hand some laundry on the improvised "washing line"

  68. Sticky cheese or ham slices search involving a chair

What other great tricks with a chair or chairs you would like us to add to this list?

Enjoy trick training fun with your dog and we really hope to see you at


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