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New Creative Tricks programme

Would you like to teach your dog some new unique tricks?

Perhaps how to play table tennis, put coins into a piggy bank, play Connect 4, perform CPR, how to paint, open a zip among many others?

Join our new programme of regular masterclasses with Emily Anderson, who won the International Trick Dog Competition 2021 with her super talented spaniel Leo.

Lots of those tricks look very difficult, but in fact every dog can learn those tricks!

Each of the sessions will be focusing on a particular group of tricks with plenty of step by step videos, questions and answers and troubleshooting tips.

What is also unique about this programme is that in addition to teaching you the foundation steps of each of the trick and will show how you can easily start creating your own tricks using those elements. In fact, during each of the session we will together brainstorm lots of new ideas on how you can use the trick elements which we cover for other tricks.

It's in many ways like playing a trick training lego!

But rather than just following somebody else's design, you'll learn how to develop and teach your own tricks.

Lots of fun and a totally unique experience!

This programme is suitable for both adults and kids.

You don't need to be an expert in trick training to join in!

All you need is a spoonful of enthusiasm, a pinch of creativity and a desire to build a closer bond with your dog!

To find out about past an upcoming sessions see:


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