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Masterclasses with Omar Von Muller- top Hollywood dog trainer

We have partnered with Omar von Muller- one of the World's Top trainer to provide you access to 6 Masterclasses from your home.

High Performance Dogs Masterclass programme with Omar Von Muller is aimed at professional or serious amateur dog trainers who either already compete or would like to compete with your dogs at a high level.


Masterclass 1: Motivating your dog for top performance

23rd of July 7-8:30 PM (London time) (GMT +1)

Having a truly engaged and highly motivated dog makes a world of a difference to the success of any training or performance.

In the first Masterclass, Omar will show you how you can make your dog engaged and highly motivated to work with you to achieve top results.

The session will provide you with a clear structured path from choosing the best motivation for your dog to building it up to develop a reliably enthusiastic canine partner. The session will then progress to the particular motivational challenges faced by those who compete seriously and perform with their dogs, providing practical solutions.

Omar's dogs learn to perform enthusiastically and reliably in the unfamiliar, noisy and hectic environment of a film set with lights, sounds, other animals, distractions etc. They love their work and look forward to it. Learn from Omar how you can achieve the same with your dog.

The masterclass costs £25 to attend

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend training with one of the World's best trainers from your home!

Any questions please e-mail

HIGH PERFORMANCE DOGS MASTERCLASSES: The Masterclasses are designed for handlers with at least some experience in dog training who are serious and motivated to work with their dogs to achieve top results. Each Masterclass is a structured blend of theory, practical demonstrations and training insights with your participation and plenty of opportunities to ask questions. We will run each session in a small group to allow your maximum involvement and tailor it to address your individual challenges. The Masterclasses in the programme are progressive, so we would recommend you to attend all of the sessions to obtain the maximum benefit.

The masterclassess will be recorded and accessible to everyone who registered, even if you could not attend the live session.


Omar Von Muller is one of the World's most respected and successful dog trainers from Hollywood.

​He is renowned for his incredible and innovative dog performances and his dog training skills are legendary in the motion picture and television industries.

Omar has hundreds of credits to his name including the motion pictures The Italian Job, Four Brothers, Jackass 3D, and Water for Elephants.

His greatest accomplishment is the role Uggie played on the Academy Award-winning film The Artist, receiving several awards worldwide. Omar's dog Uggie was the first dog to have his paw prints set into the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Omar has developed his own incredibly effective approach to dog training that can be applied to train top performing dogs in a wide variety of dog sports and activities. That includes dog actors, performing trick dogs, dancing with dogs, heelwork to music, obedience, therapy dogs etc. The same techniques can also be used by those who are serious about their pet dog training and truly want to find and develop their dog's talent.

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