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Masterclass: Get your dog's focus on you!

The 2nd Masterclass in the High Performance Masterclass Programme

with Omar Von Muller is about building up your dog's focus on you.


6th of August 2020 6 PM-7:30 PM (GMT)  (that's 7 PM London time or 11 AM Los-Angeles time) Each Masterclass costs £25 (about $30)

About this Masterclass:

A strong focus of the dog on the handler is fundamental to the success of any high performing team. What sets apart all reliably performing top teams is the sharp focus of the dog on the handler at all times, even before they enter the ring.

A dog which remains focused on the handler can work reliably and consistently in any environment whatever the distractions.

In this Masterclass, Omar will teach you how you can achieve sharp and consistent focus from your dog.

We also will be covering other key ingredients of ensuring reliable and consistent performance from your dog.

This Masterclass would be of particular interest to those who compete or would like to take part in high-end competitions with their dogs.  The Masterclass will cover: - Why focus is the essence of success particularly for the top-level competitors - How to develop and build up your dog's focus on you - How to keep your dog's focus on you even in unfamiliar environments with lots of distractions - Dog's personality and its influence on your approach and duration of training sessions - Setting yourself some realistic training goals - Consistency in your training - Loss of focus- reasons and practical solutions And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask Omar any questions!


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