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Masterclass: Build your dog's confidence

The 3rd Masterclass in the High Performance Masterclass Programme

with Omar Von Muller is about building up your dog's confidence.


20th of August 2020

6 PM-7:30 PM (GMT) 

(that's 7 PM London time or 11 AM Los-Angeles time)

Each Masterclass costs $35

This is applicable to all dogs, but particularly to those who compete or aim to compete at a high level. 

Confidence is also a fundamental step in any dog training, as well as the key step for the rehabilitation of rescue dogs and any dogs with anxieties.

Canine athletes, dog actors, performing dogs, stunt dogs, Parkour dogs and other top competition dogs require a particularly large degree of confidence, well beyond the level of confidence typically sufficient for pet dogs.

We want to make those sessions as practical as possible, so in the second, practical part of this session, Omar will focus specifically on using the approaches for building up the confidence which we've discussed in part 1 to your dog's jumping.

Jumping without hesitation requires a lot of confidence from the dog! 

Learn from Omar how you can build your dog's confidence so it can leap into the water,  jump from the top of the car, walk on ropes, scoot, skate without hesitation - and all of that in front of cameras and often a crowd of unfamiliar people.

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask Omar any questions!


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