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International Trick Dog Competition- FAQ

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

2 weeks left and counting!
Submit your entries for the First Task of the International Trick Dog Competition for the prestigious title of the International Trick Dog Champion!

We have got quite a few entries already and the standard of the entries is high. The competition traditionally attracts the top trick dog teams worldwide and it looks like it's going to be the same this year.

We are all in for a great treat!

We at Dog Talent Association and the judges are looking forward to helping and supporting all those teams who join the competition to progress on your journey, to stretch and to challenge and most importantly to have fun!

Here we wanted to answer some of the most common questions we receive about the competition:

Are there any restrictions on participants from which countries can enter the competition?

It's International Trick Dog Competition and we welcome everyone!

We usually great multinational mix of teams taking part in the competition, including teams from several countries of Central and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, South America, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Is there an age limit for the dog(s) taking part? Can puppies or older dogs join in?

There is no age limit at all and tasks are designed in such way that you'll have the full freedom to adjust them to the age and physical abilities of you dog. We are very health conscious and will be encouraging throughout the competition to pay great attention to the needs, motivation and abilities of your dog(s)- so they enjoy the competition as much as we do. We also designed classes in such way so dogs with different starting levels can have an equal chance.

Which class should I enter?

You can enter in more than one class in the competition, but some of the classes are mutually exclusive.

Class 1 (Novice Trick Dog)

Class 2 (Advanced Trick Dog)

Class 3 (Champions League)

are based on how much experience your dog currently has with trick training and if they have any trick titles (from any title provider). Essentially they a reflection fo the starting level of your dog at the beginning of the competition, but in no means the will restrict you in terms of the types of tricks you can include and your chances to win the International Trick Dog Champion Title.

Additionally to the above classes, if eligible, you can also enter in to additional classes:

Class 4 (Rescue dog). Rescue dogs are dogs who did not come to you not from the breeder, but from a rescue or adoption organisation. This is to reflect that Rescue dogs have a more challenging journey and perhaps less than ideal start in life.

Class 5 (Disabled dog). This included dogs with any disabilities or physical limitations.

Class 6 (Dog team)- team of two or more dogs performing tricks together as a team.

I have a disabled dog. Do we have a chance to win?

Absolutely! In fact, the first International Trick Dog Champion was a super talented disabled dog Jedi. Last year we had several disabled dogs in the top 10 finalists. We are truly passionate about giving disabled dogs and equal change and do everything to make this possible. You'll have an opportunity to adjust the tasks to the physical limitations of your dog.

Can I join the competition, but skip some of the tasks?

Yes you can! Sometimes our circumstances change and you might be able to join the competition for some of the tasks only. Obviously, skipping a task will reduce your chances for the overall win, but you can still enjoy and gain a great deal from the competition from joining for the tasks you are able to join. So, take part as much as you can an enjoy the journey!

Where will I find the description of the next task?

All tasks will be published on the on Monday, following the closing date for the previous task on Sunday.

We will also publish the link to the next task on the Dog Talent Association Facebook page. We would recommend you to join the Facebook page as this is where we will publish the results after each task and where possible the video entries of the winners in each class after each task. Facebook page is also a great place to get to know other competitors and to make friends, so we will be using it quite a lot throughout the competition.

Hope you found this helpful.

If you have any further questions please message us at any point and we will do our best to help:

Really looking forward to see you and your dog joining this great competition and we will do everything possible to make your experience rewarding, enjoyable, memorable and fun!

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