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International Trick Dog Competition

Can your dog become the International Trick Dog Champion 2022?

We are inviting teams worldwide to enter this annual online competition.

All dogs are welcome and there are lots of classes to choose from from Novice Trick Dog to Champion League, to Limits-free class for dogs who can achieve anything despite health problems or difficult start in life, to Dog teams where more than one dog perform tricks together etc.

This is professionally run competition with great prizes, lots of opportunities for learning, making friends worldwide. The competition is designed as progressive training with personal feedback from the judges to help everyone to progress with their trick training and build their bond.

It's big, it's fun and it's open for entries now!

The deadline to enter Task 1 is now Sunday the 9th of October as the previous deadline was clashing with the European Dog Dance Championship.

To find out more and to enter:


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