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Disabled dogs are welcome at the International Trick Dog Competition

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

We believe that are no limits to what you can actually achieve with your dog! It does not matter if your dog has physical limitations or disabilities.

In fact, the dog never considers themselves to be disabled. Its us, people who put on a label and often in our minds limit the potential of the dogs who can't see, hear, or both, have a chronic condition or need some assistance.

All dogs are welcome to take part in the International Trick Dog Competition!

Importantly, all dogs have an equal chance to do great in the competition and to win!

Every year we have many talented dogs with some physical limitations taking part and achieving fantastic results!

Our first International Trick Dog Competition Winner was deaf dog Jedi!

Deaf, blind and deaf blind dogs do consistently well and many end up in the top 10 or even 5 overall finalists of the Competition.

All of the judges are experienced with assessing and judging entries from all types of dogs, including dogs with some/many physical restrictions.

All competition tasks are designed in such a way that they are inclusive and provide a huge degree of flexibility and creativity for both the handler and the dog.

International Trick Dog Competition is a great opportunity to grow together with your dog, to make like-minded friends worldwide, to try something new and to challenge yourself.

You can be anywhere in the world. All submissions are online- so you do not need to leave your home or to take your dog to an unfamiliar or stressful environment to take part. Dogs of all ages and all breeds are welcome!

All you need is a dog, enthusiasm, wanting to grow with your dog and to try some fun new things together. This is professionally run, well regarded competition attracting teams from many countries worldwide!

Do not limit your dog!
Enter the competition:

The closing date for Task 1 is the 22nd of October 2023


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