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Can your dog become the International Trick Dog Champion 2023?

DTA International Trick Dog Competition is back and it's going to be even bigger and more fun this year!

It's a very prestigious annual event that traditionally attracts top trick dog teams worldwide.

The competition is very popular and special because:

- It is not just a competition but it's designed as a progressive training with a stretch

You'll start with an easier tasks and gradually progress to more challenging things with lots of personal feedback and encouragement from the judges and the fellow competitors.

Encouraging, helpful and specific feedback from the judges and the clear training progression is always positively commented on by most people who take part!

- It's a true opportunity to meet and make friends with the likeminded people worldwide

Many people who take part become really good friends afterwards, stay in touch, come up with interesting joint projects, share tips and ideas and keep inspiring each other. It's a competition, but it allows have this positive inclusive and supportive feel about it!

- It will boost the bond with your dog and will take your training to the next level

If you stick around for all 7 tasks, we can guarantee that when you look back you'll notice HUGE improvements and growth!

- It will stretch, challenge and encourage you to try new things!

Stretching your comfort zone, opening doors to the new opportunities and ideas and trying things that you always wanted but never had a chance to actually do - are all common outcomes for those who took part in the competition in the previous years.

- You'll make a lot of very special memories together with your dog!

You'll treasure the videos that you'll produce as the result of the competition for many years to come.

- It's open to all dogs!

We welcome dogs of all abilities from seasoned trick champions to those who are in early stages of their trick journey, but would love to grow together. The class structure is designed in such a way that everyone will have an equal opportunity to progress and to succeed. There is no limit in terms of age, breed at all, but you need to work positively together.

We also always proud of welcoming and encouraging dogs with any disabilities and difficult start in their life to joint the competition!

Every year blind, deaf and blind deaf dogs compete in the International Trick Dog Competition and truly excel. Do not limit your dog's potential because it has some physical restrictions- join in and you'll not regret!

- You can be from ay country and do not have to speak English

It's an online competition so you can be from any country or continent in the world. No need to travel and you can compete from the comfort of your home. If your dog does not like competition environment or gets easily stressed- this is not going to be a problem with this one!

You do not need to speak English to enter and to take part. You can either ask someone to help you to translate the rules and guidance for each of the tasks or just simply copy and paste the text into Google translate or similar.

You do not need to speak English to your dog in the video and feel free to give commands in your own language. If you are struggling with the language - message and we'll find the solution!

To find out more and enter see:

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