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The Dog Talent Association provides online Trick Dog Titles , Trick Dog Challenges supported by online Training with some of world's top Dog Trainers. 

You can access the training and work on all the titles from the comfort of your home and in your own time.

We believe that every dog has a talent and the potential to be great. We will help you to discover and develop your dog’s talents while enjoying every minute together. 


We have a huge selection of over 530 tricks for you to choose from. This is the largest selection of dog tricks anywhere. You can select the tricks to fit your dog, your personality, and what you would like to do with your dog. Choose between Performer, Helper, Athlete or Thinker dog development tracks. You can even combine elements from multiple tracks for the All-rounder Trick Dog Titles. If that’s not enough, and you want more freedom, you can come up with your own tricks! Why should anyone limit your choice of tricks if you want to work towards a Trick Dog Champion Title? In fact, we will encourage you to be creative and really show off your dog. After all, we are all unique and so are our dogs!


 We are not just about helping you to teach your dog great tricks (though we do that of course- see various training courses you can join in the Shop section). Every dog, just like every person, is different. We will help you to choose tricks which fit your dog’s personality and find the right motivation for your dog to get them keen and engaged. When you do something you love, you can achieve anything. The same goes for your dog. Achieve something great — together!


We are also about celebrating your successes and giving you and your dog the recognition you deserve.  

You can be from any country in the world. Rosettes are included at no extra charge to all successful title applications.

We also welcome dogs with any disabilities including deaf, blind and deaf blind and will work with you to adjust title requirements to accommodate specific disability of your dog. 


Submission for the title is very straightforward and is done by video clips via this website. See the Submit for the title

Choose the Trick Dog title or the Talent Show Dog Title you'd like to work on next, and let's do it together!

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