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The International Trick Dog competition is now OPEN

Woooohey! The online competition is now open for entries!

The online International Trick Dog Competition is now open for submissions!

You have until midnight next Saturday the 25th of April to submit your entry for the Week 1 Challenge.

You do not need to leave your home to take part and all competition entries are online by video.

The Week 1 (18-25th of April) Challenge: Choose any 3 tricks from the list of Foundation tricks and electronically submit a video of your dog performing those tricks.  All of the tricks can be performed without leaving your house.

See for the list of tricks and the Submission form. Submit your video by midnight on Saturday, April 25th.

Tricks in each subsequent week will build on the tricks in the previous weeks and will gradually become more advanced.

You'll be able to build on the previous week's tricks and progress with your dog's training as you are progressing through the competition. We designed the competition as the way to help you to progress and to focus your dog's training as well as the opportunity to celebrate your ahievements. We also want to give you a positive boost in this challenging time.

Let's have fun together and best of luck!

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