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Monday challenge: Food impulse control

Are you up for some FUN weekly challenges?

To spice up your training we decided to run weekly fun educational challenges.

This week's challenge is FOOD IMPULSE CONTROL

HOW will the weekly challenge work:

Every week on Monday (to make them much more fun!) we will announce a topic for this week's challenge on the Dog Talent Association Facebook page .

We also will provide you with some inspirations in the comments to our Facebook page post.

Experiment with this challenge with your dog and see what you can achieve. Keep it fun!

Share your photos or videos from your weekly challenge on the Dog Talent Association Facebook

or on your Instagram and tag your post #DTAweeklychallenge

The winners will be announced each Monday on Facebook

The idea of the challenge is to inspire and to learn from each other while having fun!

Also, as you know, we love celebrating your success and achievements. Each week we will select the most humorous, impressive, interesting or creative entry and will e-mail you the weekly winner certificate.

The educational benefits of the challenge:

Each of the challenges will be selected not just for their fun element but also their educational benefits. We want you to have some lighthearted fun and a game while training your dog.

Impulse control

Impulse control is one of the most fundamental things you can teach your dog.

By teaching the impulse control to your dog you helping it to realise that listening to you is the fastest way to get the reward it wants. It also teaches your dog to think before acting and to stay calm and focused on you when exciting things happen.

Impulse control is also essential for dog's safety. This is what will stop your dog running onto the road to chase a cat, eating food that can be poisonous for them, or playing with things that can hurt them etc.

Impulse control is important aspect of training of all dogs and are of a particualr benefit to puppies, rescue dogs or dogs with behavior problems and disobedience as the undelying reasong for them is othen lack of dog's impulse control.

Many dogs are enthusiastic about food (at least certain types of food) and it is easily available. That' why we will start with food impulse control.

Food impulse control is also an easiest introduction to self-control for those dogs who are starting on their trainig journey. It's also great because you can readily increase of decrease the level of challenge as you progress and your dog develops more self-control.

For example, you can start with a bit less tempting food and ask your dog to resist the urge to eat it for a very short period of time- perhaps only a second or two. Reward and praise the dog for its achievements- no matter how small they are, particulary initially.

Gradually build up the duration or introduce more popular types of food for your dog in small quantities.

We would recommend at each next step you either introduce a more tempting food or increase the duration or increase the food quantity. Make it easy for the dog to succeed and build on that.

Eventually you'll be able to leave your dog with a full table of the most tempting delicious food and leave the room knowing that the dog will not touch it without your permission!

Don't be tempted to go faster than your dog is ready! It's primarily training as well as having some fun! So small baby steps and plenty of praise!

That's why we will not necesserily select the winner not on the basis of the most impressive achievement (though we might do that too), but primarily on the amount of fun they and their dog is having while doing the challenges, while also taking into account where they are on their training journey.

Have a look on the submissions from other members of the Dog Talent Association Facebok community - they will give you lots of great inspiration and all of us will learn something from each other each week.

Keep training and having fun!



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