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Teach your dog some great paw tricks

Paw tricks are awesome, varied, low impact, and are fun to teach!

They are suitable for dog of any age and abilities, including puppies, disabled dogs and dogs with limited mobility.

Tricks involving paw work form great foundation to more more advanced tricks and behaviours.

There is so much more to paw tricks than the traditional "give paw"!

Join our next training session with Omar Von Muller to learn how you can teach your dog some outstanding paw tricks!

The session will be very practical and will cover:

- Giving specific paw;

- Wave;

- Paw touch target;

- Cross paws while lying down;

- Cross paws walking;

- Paw money counting;

- Paw cover face (shy);

- Walk with a limp

There will also be plenty of opportunities to ask Omar any questions you have and get his personal advice to any challenges you have with training your dog those tricks.

This is the 3rd session of the progressive Trick Dog Academy (TDA) with Omar Von Muller.

We will start with the fundamental elements and gradually will help you to progress to the most advanced tricks.

The tricks taught at this session are aligned to the Trick Dog TItles and Performer talent track by the Dog Talent Association. DTA Trick Dog Titles are prestigious awards aimed at professionals. They are a great way to provide you with additional focus and to celebrate your achievements all the way to Trick Dog Champion Title. For additional information on DTA Trick Dog Titles see:

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