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Join Chrissy Joy's Creative Challenge!

Trick dog challenge in support of the International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation and for your chance to win some fantastic prizes provided by Kong and Rogue Pet Science.

We are honoured to welcome back talented Chrissy Joy who won the International Trick Dog Champion Title last year with her team mate Good Beasley - as a judge this time!

Chrissy has an impressive portfolio of prestigious awards, including National Stunt Dog Champion, Second National Dog Trainer of the year among many others.

Chrissy also regularly takes part in high profile live dog displays and complex studio work. Chrissy is creative and talented dog trainer and an inspirational person.

We would like to invite you to take part in Chrissy Joy's Creative Challenge:

Chrissy's Class 1: CREATIVE TRICK

Be creative and show ONE trick with or without a prop!

This can be any trick, it does not need to be a paw trick.

Looking for creative use of props or novel tricks. It does not have to be a difficult trick, but definitely something unique`! All you need is a short clip with one trick.

Chrissy's Class 2: CHALLENGER

This class is for technically challenging trick! We are again looking for ONE TRICK only.

This can be any trick, it does not need to be a paw trick.

This can be a behaviour chain where one trick includes series of tasks with props with minimal cues from the handler. (For example: "Get me a drink!" Dog opens fridge, gets drink, closes fridge, and delivers drink to handler). This could also be a trick performed at a distance, with handler being out of sight, with dog facing away from the handler or physically demanding trick requiring advanced balance or coordination. All you need is a short clip with one trick.

You can enter one or both of the Chrissy's classes. You can use the same clip for both, or two different clips.

PRIZES for Chrissy Joy's Creative Challenge:

1st place in each class will receive a Winner's prize sponsored by

and Rogue Pet Science

In addition, the winner in each class will receive 10 completion points and a named certificate

Runners up (2nd and 3rd places) in each of the classes will receive 5 competition points and a named certificate.

Additionally, one person (random draw among all entries into Chrissy Joy's Challenge) will receive lifetime access to a webinar of your choice with Omar Von Muller (see them here). The more entries you have the higher is the chance of being drawn.

You can enter more than one video in each of the classes.

ALL MONEY raised via Chrissy Joy's Challenge Classes will be donated to the International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation

Deadline is by the end of Sunday the 16th of January


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